After the show.

Miley: OMG It was so funny! Haha

Dustin: Thought I would die by laughing!

Patrick: Ima ask them if they wanna hire me! I could definetly work here! Lol

Kae: Yeah sure, you have to be really focused on your lines to not laugh at your own jokes!

Laurent: Haha, now I'm starving! 

Seiko: You read in my mind! 

Larry: We can all hang out at our crib and order food. 

Bryan: Yeah, that sounds cool! Are you coming Ari?

Ariana: Yaaasss! 

Patrick: Are you all going?

Miley: I know I am! What about you Demz?

Demi: I'm in! You coming babe?

Kelly: Yeah why not?!

Kae: I can call my mother and tell her to cook something quick at our family restaurant.

Dustin: And then we'll go pick it up! 

Denise: Ok, then I'm in! :) Are you coming, Carnell?

Carnell: Hum... ok.

Seiko: Cool! Let's go!

Let's skip to after eating the food. They're all gathered around the table and Dustin suggested to play truth or dare and everyone was in.  (Kelly, Dustin, Laurent, Kae, Seiko, Miley, Demi, Patrick, Larry, Carnell, Ariana, Bryan, Denise : in order)

Kelly: Ok, I start. Dustin, truth or dare?

Dustin: Hum... Dare!

Kelly: Ok, you have to go shirtless for the rest of the day! Haha

Dustin: Oh man! (He takes his shirt off and all the girls start cheering and screaming) Lol. Alright my turn. Laurent, truth or dare?

Laurent: Dare!

Dustin: Okay! I dare you to stand up and dance on Seiko right now! Haha

Laurent: Haha, no problem! 

Seiko: Oh boy! Lol

Kae: Lmao! Okay, my turn! Seiko truth or dare?

Seiko: Dare!

Kae: Okay easy. Do the same as Lau! Haha

Seiko: Lol okay... Milez truth or dare?

Miley: Hum truth!

Seiko: Ok. Are you really friend with Selena or it's just for the cameras?

Miley: Well, we used to be really cool but when you grow up things change you know. I mean we're not bff but we appreciate each other. 

Seiko: Nice! (She kissed Laurent once again for no reason! Lol)

Miley: You two enjoy this game too much! Lol Ok. Demz, truth or dare?

Demi: Truth!

Miley: Ok... What did you think of Kelly the very first time you saw him?

Demi: Oh... I thought he was like every single boy that I already dated: selfish and arrogant. Lol Then I learned to know him. :)

Kelly: No hurt feelings! Lol

Demi: Thanks babe! Patrick! Truth or dare?

Patrick: Dare!

Demi: You have to kiss Kelly's feet! Hahaha

Patrick: Demi!!! Gross! (He did it) Aaargh! (Run in the bathroom to wash his mouth) Ok. My boy Larry! Truth or dare?

Larry: Truth.

Patrick: Okay. Do you like someone in this room? I mean a girl (He said with a devilish smile)

Larry: Haha... Probably... (He said, turning to Denise) Well. Carnell, truth or dare?

Carnell: Truth.

Larry: How many girls did you hook up with while you were in Las Vegas?

Carnell: huh... (Looked at Denise) 3... or 4... (Looking at everyone, embarassed)

Dustin: Way to go bruh! Hahaha

Carnell: Hum... Ari, truth or dare?

Ariana: I think we should stop the game right here! 

Bryan: I agree! 

Denise: I need some fresh air. (She stands up and walks to the balcony)

Larry: I'm gonna go talk to her! 

Larry: Hey! Qu'est ce qui ne va pas? (What's wrong?)

Denise: Rien en particulier. Je réfléchis juste. :) (Nothing really... I'm just thinking)

Larry: Tu peux me parler tu sais? C'est Carnell pas vrai? (You can talk to me you know? It's about carnell right?)

Denise: Je sais pas... Je suis confuse. (I don't know... I guess I'm confused)

Larry: Hum. Je suis là, t'inquiètes. (I'm here for you, don't worry)


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