Back at the B5's house.

Adrian: Hey guys! How was your day?

Dustin: Pretty dope.

Adrian: Did Denise have fun?

Kelly: Yup! She told us so.

Adrian: Good! Ima go cook dinner. Bryan it's your turn to help! 

Patrick: We can all help! :)

Carnell: No guys wait. I need to talk to the three of you.

Adrian: Come on baby ( pushing bryan to the kitchen)

Dustin: What's up bro?

Carnell: I just wanted to ask you if you noticed Denise's reaction earlier?

Patrick: Really man? I mean who didn't?

Carnell: Yeah. Look, I'm wondering if it was because of me.

Patrick: Na, really? (Sarcastic)

Kelly: Pat, stop that. I'm pretty sure it was because of what you said.

Dustin: What are you gonna do about it?

Carnell: I'm gonna talk to her and see how she feels.

Kelly: Yeah about that man. You should probably act quick coz it seems like she's having a thing for that Larry guy. 

Patrick: She has the right to! You broke up with her!

Carnell: What if I regret it, Pat? It doesn't seem like you're trying to help me out here! 

Patrick: I'm always gonna want what's best for you, you're my little brother and that's why I gotta let u know what's really going on. I'm not tryna be mean or taking a side. I'm being real and you should too!

Kelly: Ok ok hold on. Enough. If Carnell really regrets what he did, he knows that he has to work things out by himself too.

Dustin: True. And we're gonna be behind you no matter what. Coz family comes first. Right Pat? ( Seriously Looking at patrick)

Patrick:... Yeah... If I recall, Carnell, you told me you were starting "a thing" with that girl larisa. What about that?

Kelly: Oh oh hold on. What's that about?

Carnell: Oh God. I totally forgot about her... Oh man.

Dustin: Hold on a sec. You already have a GIRL?! Oh C'mon Nellz! What's going on with u?

Carnell: I forgot! I honestly forgot. We haven't been dating for that long! Only a week ago...

Kelly: You forgot that you had a girlfriend? Haha Na, man you can't be serious!

Patrick: I bet he is! I told you, you ain't ready to get Dede back. Work on that first. (He leaves the room)

Dustin: Carnell you need to figure out what you really want to. I'm going in my room! See y'all later. (Leaves the room)

Carnell: You think I'm a jerk right?

Kelly: I think you're confused. Figure out what you want and then make a decision. The best you can do.

Carnell: Alright. Thanks. 

The next day:

Denise got a text from Carnell.

"Hey Denise! Wassup?"

"I'm good! Wbu?"

"Same here! So what're up to?"

"I'm just getting ready to leave the house. Hbu?"

"At home, just chillin'. Why don't you come over?"

"Oh, I have to meet Larry at the dance studio. Maybe a little later?"

"Huh... Ok! Have fun :)"

Denise: That was awkward! 

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