Denise's POV

We all packed and went to the airport. Everyone was quiet in the car. Kae sat next to me so Carnell could sit next to Dustin coz he didn't want to be near me. I'm wondering what's going on with him. I hope this trip will be more fun than that.

Demi: I can't wait to be there! :) we're finally going to see where dee is from! :)

Ariana: I'm sure it's going to be so much fun! It's cool to be all together for once since the tour started! I mean without OMG girlz or the twins or savannah! Just us! :)

Kae: I don't think I'll be able to have this much fun with Jad-Ad!

Bryan: Who's jad-Ad?

Miley: It's the nickname we gave to baby Ad! Since she's not going to be a baby her all life! Lol

Patrick: That's a very nice name! I'm sure it was your idea, baby. (He said, then kissed her)

Kelly: Oh gosh get a room!

Dustin: We're at the airport. Let's go.

We were waiting for our plane and Carnell still didn't talk to me. I had to clear things up with him.

Me: Carnell can I talk to you please?

He didn't even answer, he just stood up and followed me.

Me: Carnell what's wrong?


Me: Ok. I wanted to tell you something... I know it's not the right time coz you're going to be even madder but I need to tell you before you hear it from someone else. Just know that it meant absolutely nothing to me! I love you more than anything in this world and I'd never do that to you... Larry... Kissed me two days ago. I pushed him away immediately and I wanted to tell you right away but I got stuck in rehearsal and then it was the concert and then I went to say hi to his mother and...

Carnell: Enough! I already know everything. You say that it meant nothing but you still didn't tell me, plus you slept over at his house. I don't trust you anymore. I'm going with y'all coz I promised I'd meet your family but I'm going to need more time to forgive this.

Me: ...

He left me standing there, without any more word. I was shocked.

When we got to Montpellier, we took two taxis to my dads house. It was a villa with a pool and a huge backyard. The girls were so happy.

Demi: Oh my god, your house is beautiful Mr Hewitt! So huge! :D

Dad: Thank you... Demi right?

Demi: Yes! :) So your dad is your Caucasian parent. I've always wondered!

Me: Haha, Demi since my mom is black, it was obvious that my dad was the white parent! Lol

Miley: Really clever, Demz! Lol Thank you for welcoming us in your house mr Hewitt!

Ariana: Yes it's really nice of you! :)

Dad: Oh no problem! So there's a room for the girls and one for the boys. Don't worry the rooms are big enough! Make yourselves at home! :)

I showed the rooms to everyone and they were all mesmerized by the space and decoration.

Kae: It must have been great to grow up in this house!

Me: Haha it was! :) but most of all it was all about love! It's the best atmosphere for a kid to grow in. Even when the parents don't get along, they never should forget about their first objective... Their kid.

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