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Pen Your Pride

Denise's POV

Two weeks after the wedding, Karrueche and Dustin came back from Ibiza and discovered the house. She was beyond happy with it and they were starting their little routine with their family. It was so cute.

I'm back with Carnell! Obviously! :) I'm so happy about it. He makes me love life a little more each day.

We started talking about moving together. Let's face it: we are obviously truly, madly, deeply in love with each other so why wait?! Anyways, two months later.

Carnell: Where would you like our apartment to be located at?

Me: Everywhere will be perfect... As long as I'm with you.

Carnell: Aaw you're so cute! Lol that sounded cheesy! Haha

Me: We are cute! Lol (I said, kissing him) Let's find our dream house! :)

Meanwhile with Patrick and Miley:

Miley: I've always dreamed of marriage and everything but after Kae's wedding, I feel like it's a lot to go trough! Especially with a breeding boy! Lol

Patrick: No rushing!! Lol Nobody's ready here! :p

Miley: Lol... I want a man, 3 kids and a ranch in Nashville!! Lol joking!

Patrick: Aha... I'll give you all of this... Once we're ready. I promise...

Miley: I love you...

Patrick: I love you more.

Miley: Impossible... (They kissed)

Demi and Kelly:

Kelly: We have to get ready for the barbecue at Dustin's house.

Demi: I'm tiiiiiired! Lol

Kelly: Wake up you little butterfly!

Demi: That's so dumb kel! Lmao!

Kelly: Yeah I know. Is Denise ready? We're picking her and Carnell up remember?

Demi: Aargh... Let me call her. It's so nice to know they're back together!

Kelly: Yes! They're beaming from happiness.

Demi: They look like us! ;)

Kelly: Nobody look like us... We're special. Have you noticed that we're the only couple that didn't have a "drama" phase?! We always stayed strong and together. I'm proud of us.

Demi: True. I know I've finally found the one for me.

Kelly: Aaw... Well let's get ready before our cheesiness bring us back to bed! ;)

Demi: Ouuh bad boy! Lol Okay I'm going to take a shower. I'll be ready in twenty minutes! Call Miley for me please.

Kelly: Okay! Hurry up babe.

Bryan and Zonnique

Zonnique: I just put baby Ad to bed but we're gonna need to wake her up when it's time to go.

Bryan: It's very nice of you to babysit the baby while Karrueche get everything ready for the barbecue. You're very kind. :)

Zonnique: I'm used to it with my sibblings, since Im the oldest one but I love that little angel. :)

Bryan: You're going to be an awesome mom someday.

Zonnique: I learned from the best! ;)

Bryan: What are you bringing for the barbecue?

Zonnique: I'm in charge of dessert. :) It's going to be a surprise. :p

Bryan: Your dad won't mind me being here today?

Zonnique: No I told him that you were supposed to come pick me up today for the barbecue. Don't worry.

Major: Niq Niq! I'm hungry!

Zonnique: Shhh major... The baby's asleep.

Major: Sorry... I'm hungry.

Bahja: Hey y'all.

Bre: Aaw baby Ad is sleeping... She's so cuuute. Hey majiii. (Gave him a hug)

Major: Hey breee! :) I'm hungry :(

Bre: Aaw. Come, let's make a sandwich.

Zonnique: Thank you Bre. :)

Bahja: We're supposed to go pick Larry. You're riding with Bryan?

Zonnique: Baby were riding together?

Bryan: Yes if you want to. Seiko is going to pick up Laurent?

Bahja: He's already at her place so I guess they're coming together. Well let's get it move on.

Later on at the barbecue

Kae: Zo, thank you for taking care of her! :)

Zonnique: You're welcome!

Dustin: Your creme brûlée was just PER-FECT! Delicious!

Kelly: Oh yes! Was the best!

Demi: Lol I guess you're giving me the recipe! Lol

Miley: I'll need cooking lessons! Lol

Patrick: Baby you're already perfect to me... ;)

Carnell: What's going on with y'all today?! Lol so cheesy!

Bryan: I guess the breeding brothers realized how lucky they are. Lol

Larry: They're not the only lucky guys here... ;)

Bahja: Aaw! Y'all are so cute! Lol

Seiko: Where's Denise?!

Laurent: Oh... Yeah you're right. She's been upstairs for twenty minutes now.

Bre: I can go check if you want to!

Kae: Yes please babe! :)

Ten minutes later:

Bre: Hum girls she needs you upstairs.

They all rushed upstairs, leaving the OMG girlz with the boys and the baby.

Miley: Dede? Where are you?

Kae: She's in the bathroom.

Demi: Babe, what's wrong?

Me: My stomach aches... (I said, crying and holding my belly)

Seiko: Something you didn't digest or?

Me: I don't know... It hurts so bad.

Kae: We need to get you to the hospital babe!

Me: Nooo! I don't want to worry Carnell!

Miley: Denise, there's definitely something wrong! You need to go now!

Me: Aaah...

Demi: I don't care I'm telling the boys!

Me: Demi! (I said and my vision became darker. The last thing I remember hearing is the sound of my head bumping against the door)


The boys came upstairs running.

Dustin: What's going on?

Miley: Call an ambulance! Hurry up!

Carnell: oh my god! Denise! Denise! She's bleeding, call an ambulance please!

Patrick: "Allo, I need an ambulance right now! It's an emergency!"

Bryan: Let's take her ourselves!

Carnell: Denise... Baby, please hold on... Please.


What's going on with Denise?

Her life seems to be in danger. Find out what will happen in the next chapter.

3 more chapters left.

Don't forget to comment and vote please. Love y'all! Xx

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