Denise's POV

The way I saw Dustin storming out of the house said it all. Things didn't go well. I ran to Kae's room and found her crying. I just hugged her tight until she went to sleep and then I called the girls just to let them know the situation. They're busy with recording today but Kae knows that they're here in spirit. I log on twitter.

@DustinMichael00: How could I run away from her? I can be an ass sometimes.

@DustinMichael00: I feel like crap. Man...

He regrets. I'd give him props for that. I scrolled down my timeline just to find that brianna (his ex) is answering to his tweets.

@Bribribaby: @DustinMichael00 you're everything but an ass. If its over its coz it had to be. Everything happens for a reason. Text me if you wanna talk.

@DustinMichael00: @Bribribaby it's a lot more complicated but thanks for your concern.

@Bribribaby: @DustinMichael00 I'm a great listener. Give me a call. ;)

@DustinMichael00: @Bribribaby :)

Omg some girls nowadays! I just had to tweet something.

@DeniseIsHere : So many thirsty h*es out there. Smh

Soon after my tweet, Miley and Demi followed the movement.

@MileyCyrus : He doesn't even have your contact anymore so please b*tch swerve!

@DemiLovato: Give these girls something to drink. Apparently they thirsty AF!!

I love my girls! I was getting text messages from Carnell but I couldn't care less. He started it all then he has to embrace it!

@CarnellofB5: The girl swerving ma texts and calls but step up on twitter every single hour. No problem.

Omg could someone just slap him right now!! He's so annoying sometimes. I turned on the TV and made myself comfortable. 2 hours later I was sleeping and then a sound woke me up suddenly. It was coming from upstairs so I rushed to Kae's room to check on her. I found her on the ground, holding her stomach and crying. I called 911 and next thing I remember is sitting in the waiting room with the girls and Dustin.

Dustin: this is all my fault.

Ariana: No it's not... It could have happened anytime.

Dustin: The doctor said that it was because of the stress. I'm the stress in her life!

Miley: Oh please Dustin! It's NOT your fault. Now get over it and pray for her and the baby...

The rest of B5 except Bryan rushed into the waiting room, sweeting as hell.

Patrick: What happened?

Kelly: is she okay?

Carnell: Where is she?

Demi: she's in the reanimation room. They're trying to wake her up and then they're gonna search for the baby's heartbeat...

Kelly: Baby? What baby?

Ariana: Kae's pregnant... With Dustin's child.

Patrick: Wow... Since when?

Miley: a month and half but she didn't know about it until a few days ago...

Carnell: Wow... Well congrats bro...

Dustin just nodded his head.

Me: Don't worry D, she's gonna be fine and your little baby too... Trust me.

That's when he just broke down. He couldn't take it anymore. He stood up and went outside.

Kelly: I'm gonna go check up on him.

That's the thing I love with these brothers. They may fight, bicker, argue about everything all the time, but when it comes to being here for each other or the people they love, you can not find a better example.

Patrick: Ima go ask to the doctor what's going on.

Miley: I'm coming with you.

Ariana: I'm gonna go find something to eat. Do you want me to grab you something too?

Me: No I'm good. :)

Demi: Yeah I'm staaaarving! I'd like a muffin, a hot chocolate, a slice of their lemon pie, yummy By the way, and some fruits. A banana and an apple. A juicy apple yum yum. Aaand a

Me: Demz!! Just go with her! Lol

Demi: alright... Do you need something Nellz?!

Carnell: no I'm fine thanks. :)

Ariana: okay. We'll be right back.

Carnell: hi...

Me: Hi...

Carnell: How are you?

Me: I'm fine.

Carnell: Oh so you don't care about my well being? (He said with his cutest smile ever)

Me: :) How are you?

Carnell: Not so good... I miss you.

Me: You brought this upon yourself.

Carnell: babe c'mon... You know how I am. Especially now that we are back together and that I know that soooo many boys are after you. You are MY baby... Anyone else's.

Me: :) That's the sweetest thing you've ever said... And I Am yours... :)

Carnell: (He kissed me) :)

Patrick: Oh thank god you're talking again. I couldn't bare one more whining day.

Demi: What's new with Kae?

Patrick: Yeah, about that. She's awake now and she's asking for Dustin.

Ariana: I'm going to call him.

Dustin: Man, where is she?

Patrick: Room 227. :)

Dustin: Thanks. (he rushed to her room) Hey baby...

Kae: Hey. :) how are you?

Dustin: I'm fine. How are you?

Kae: I'm still alive. :)

Doctor: Hello Mr breeding. :) Miss Tran are you ready for your ultrasound?

Kae:... Yeah... Are you going to be by my side Dustin?

Dustin: Always... :)

20 minutes later, they were waiting for the baby to appear on the screen. The atmosphere was tense.

Find out next time.

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