Denise and Dustin didn't know how to tell Miley about Patrick and savannah. They decided to let Kelly do the ugly job. "Lucky Kelly"

When they got to the hotel, everyone was gathered in the lunch room, eating and chatting together. When they saw kae and the baby they all went crazy about her.

Zonnique: hey Karrueche, my name is Zonnique.

Bahja: I'm Bahja! Nice to meet you

Bre: And I'm Bre! We're the OMG girlz. We adore you! Sorry... :/

Kae: Hahaha why so formal? Call me kae! I'm glad to meet the OMG girlz finally! :D

Ariana: We missed you sooooo much!! :)

Miley: Well thanks for us.

Demi: I guess we are not that needed! :)

Kelly: Miles! Babe! Oh my god! (He ran to hug them, followed by Bryan and Ariana)

Ariana: My babiiiiiies! I love youuuu!

Demi: Haha we love you too! Bryyyyyy!

Bryan: Hey sis'! :)

Kelly: Come here!! (He said, pulling Demi closer and kissing her) I missed that! Ain't no overseas girl who kiss like you! :)

Miley: Oh so you tried them all?! Lool joking!

Dustin: Gilrs, these are the gorgeous members of the OMG girlz! :) Zonnique, Bahja and breaunna!

Bre: Bre! Oh my god, pinch me. I'm in the same room as Demi lovato and Miley Cyrus. :D

Bahja: We are HUGE fans. We adore you too! :)

Zonnique: You guys are great! I can't believe I'm standing right next to y'all!

Demi: Aaw you're so sweet. How about a hug then?! Haha

OMG: Seriously? (They said, before running in Demi's and Miley's opened arms)

Patrick: (Came in the room with savannah) What's all this noise about? I guess my niece got here! Haha

He stopped when he saw Demi and Miley smiling at him. Miley's smile soon faded away when she saw him holding Savannah's hand.

Patrick: Miley... ( He said, while drooping Savannah's hand) Heey :)

Miley: Hey Patrick... Savannah. :)

Savannah: Hey Miley... :/

There was an awkward silence.

Ariana: Hum what about I show you to our room? :)

Demi: Yeah that sounds great! Let's go. :)

Miley: See y'all later. :)

Denise: I'm going with them. :)

Dustin: Kae let's go set everything in our room.

Zonnique: Let us help you :)

Kae: Oh that's very nice of you! Thanks. :)

In the girl's room.

Denise: Miley I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I thought that it wasn't something to talk about on the phone... :(

Miley: Don't worry it's not your fault. You couldn't guess that I was about to give him another chance... It's no big deal.

Demi: No big deal?! Why was he calling you every other night to tell you that he missed you if he was dating her?! How disrespectful!

Ariana: They are not dating... I mean they weren't when they went to take breakfast this morning.

Demi: I hate myself for telling you not to give up on him. I'm so sorry miles. :(

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