Carnell's POV

When I woke up I felt like a new man. I turned around and saw her perfect little face next to me and I couldn't help it , I smiled.

Denise: Why are you staring at me? Lol (She said, her eyes still closed)

Me: I'm trying to realize how lucky I am...

Denise: (She opened her eyes and smiled) How did you sleep?

Me: Perfectly! :) What about you?

Denise: Same. :) I have to get up. I have a photoshoot today with Kae for "The Kill".

Me:Great. We've got rehearsals today so ima be busy too. I'll see you tonight then?

Denise: Sure. (She kissed me and went to shower)

End of POV

Kae's POV

Denise and I arrived to the mansion where we were supposed to take the pictures for the lauching of "The Kill". It was so beautiful. That's my dream house y'all! 

Denise: Wow! I'm staying here forever! Lol

Me: I'm in love with the place! 

Mimi gazelle: Okay cuties, let's start! :)

After 4 hours of shooting in every angle possible of the house, Denise and I started to pack our stuff to go.

Tom: Hey girls. You about to leave already?

Kae: Yeah! You did a great job with the outfits today T! You're the best! :)

Tom: Thank you... Sooo Denise... How come I never met you in Atlanta?

Denise: I don't know really! It's insane, since I'm really close to Kae...

Tom: True. :) It was nice meeting you today. I hope that I'll get the chance to see you again soon...

Denise:...Hum... Yes... :)

Me: Ouuh it was hot in here! Lol I think Tom might like you...

Denise: Naa, I don't think so... 

Me: Yeah right! It's like the nose in the middle of the face! Lol

Denise: Lol you stupid! 

Me: Uhum, you'll see for yourself! 

End of POV

Denise's POV

Later that day, I was on twitter randomly checking my mention and I had a new follower. It was Tom so I followed back and he mentionned me.

@TomStylesYou : I met the gorgeous @DeniseIsHere today at a photoshoot. Best time of the year! You should see her smile! ;)

I retweeted and favorited.

@DeniseIsHere: @TomStylesYou Aaw it was nice meeting you too! We should definitely hang out again soon! Great laughs! :)

@TomStylesYou: @DeniseIsHere sure! I can't wait! Xx ;)

What just happened?!

@Karrueche: @DeniseIsHere should listen to me when I talk! I'm ALWAYS right! Haha ;)

@DeniseIsHere: @Karrueche go to sleep you witch! Lmao. Love you sweetcheeks! Xx <3

@Karrueche: @DeniseIsHere Haha sleep tight boo! <3

I loged off and my phone rang.

Me: Hey babyyy! :)

Carnell: Hey... Who's this Tom guy on twitter?

Me: Oh I met him today at the photoshoot. He's rueche's stylist. Why?

Carnell: It seems like he's on you!

Me: No, what are you talking about!

Carnell: Does he know that you date someone?

Me: Hum no.

Carnell: Why didn't you tell him?!

Me: Carnell I wasn't going to come up to him and say hey nice to meet you, I'm dating Carnell!

Carnell: Yes you should have. You know what, goodnight.

Me: Baby? (He hang up on me)

I loged back in on twitter and as I expected he tweeted about me.

@CarnellofB5: I mean it's not that hard to tell a guy "I already have a boyfriend". Smh

Are you kidding me?! Okay.

@DeniseIsHere: @CarnellofB5 you don't need to tweet about our life.

@CarnellofB5: @DeniseIsHere I didn't say your name.

@OwenBreeding: @CarnellofB5 @DeniseIsHere Twitter is not the place.

@DustinMichael00: Let's all calm down. It's all about love. :)

I loged out again. I can't believe what Carnell just did. Uugh I hate him in these moments. He's trying to call me. You can kiss my ass Carnell! I turned of everything and went to sleep.

End of POV

The next day, Dustin was on his way to see Karrueche.  She asked him to come over because she had something important to tell him. When he arrived, he knocked at the door and Denise opened it.

Denise: Hey D' boy!

Dustin: What's up D' girl?!

Denise: I'm good! Kae's in her room!

Dustin: Okay

He went up to her room and she was sitting on her bed, looking out the window.

Dustin: Hey baby cakes! :) 

Kae: Hey handsome! :) How are you?

Dustin: I'm good! So, what's up?

Kae: Well... I just want to let you know that it wasn't made on purpose and that I would totally understand if you decided to call things out...

Dustin: Bae, you're starting to worry me... What's wrong?

Kae:... Okay... Well. I'm pregnant...

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