Hey guys! My name is Denise and I'm a student at Georgia State University in ATL.
I'm 20 years old and I'm dating Carnell breeding from B5! Yeah, the one and only band!
We've been together for a year and half now and everything is going pretty well!
His brother patrick is my bestfriend and he's dating Miley cyrus. She's been one of my greatest friends since I started my dancing carreer.
Oh yeah I'm a back up dancer for beyonce! Pretty good life huh?! I'm not complaining.
I'm heading to B5's house to see Carnell. I was in rehaersal these past few days and he was in studio so we barely talked to each other nor seen each other so I'm excited! 


Denise's POV:

My phone started ringing. It was Carnell.

Denise: "Hey babe, how are you?

Carnell: Hey love, I'm good. Are you still coming over?

Denise: Yeah, I'm on my way, why? 

Carnell: Demi's car broke down and Kelly is busy helping my mom out so can you stop by her house and pick her up please? Miley is already here so I figured I'd ask you instead.

Denise: Oh yes, no problem hun. I'll see you in a bit then?

Carnell: Yeah, I can't wait. Love you and thanks! 

Denise: Love you too" (Hangs up)

I picked up Dems and we headed to the B5 house. Miley and Ariana were already there. We arrived at the house, walked up the stairs and knocked at the door. Kelly opened the it, with a huge smile on his face.

Kelly: Hey baby!! (Hugs Demi) I've missed you so much!

Demi: Kellz we were together at the studio this morning! Lol

Kelly: I know but that was 3 hours ago. That's too long!

Denise: Okaaaay! That is awkward! Ha-Ha. Where's Carnell?

Kelly: In the kitchen with mom.

Denise: ok thanks.

I made my way to the kitchen and found Carnell helping his mom out with baking a cake. The sweetest view ever! He turned to face me and smiled. 

Denise: Hello!

Adrian: Hey cutie. How are you?

Denise: I'm good. Hey Carnell.

Carnell: Hey baby (came close to me and kissed me) I've missed you.

Denise: Hum... your mom is here Carnell. 

Adrian: Oh don't mind me! Ha-ha

Hello! I'm currently editing the entire story. I won't modify the plot or the events, I'm just rewriting it better!

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