Denise: WTF? Aaargh!

I called Karrueche. She's like a big sister to us. She'll have the best advices.

Kae: Hey boo!! What's up?

Denise: Nothing good actually!

Kae: Wow. What's wrong?

Denise: It's Carnell! He's been acting weird and distant since two days! I don't know what's happening!

Kae: Ok calm down. Maybe you should give him some space and then try again tomorrow.

Denise:... If you say so. Thank you for listening. What are you up to right now?

Kae: I'm going to lunch with seiko. Do you wanna come?

Denise: Yeah thanks! See you in a bit!

Meanwhile with B5.

Adrian: Boys, lunch is ready!

Dustin: It smells so good, mom.

Bryan: Yeah, freakin good!

Kelly: Where's Carnell? He's usually always the first to arrive around the table! Lol

Patrick: Ima go find him. Don't start without us!

Patrick walks his way to Carnell's room and knocks but no one answers so he helps himself in. Carnell had his beats by dre on.

Patrick: Lunch's ready!

Carnell: (Taking his beats off) I'm not hungry.

Patrick: LOL! What? Why?

Carnell: I'm just not, Pat! 

Patrick: Wow calm down there! You must be really pissed after Denise to lose you appetite! Haha 

Carnell: Get out patrick, please.

Patrick: A JOKE, remember what it is?! lol

Carnell: Bye Pat.

Patrick: He says he's not hungry!

Adrian: What are you talking about? Carnell?

Patrick: Yessir!! 

Adrian: He must have catch something. My baby must be sick. I'm going to check up on him.

Kelly: Whoo she's back to paranoid and over protective mom mode! Lol

Adrian: I heard that, Kelly!

Kelly: It was bryan! 

Bryan: Heeeey!! 

Dustin: Na, what's going on seriously with him?

Patrick: Man, I don't know! He's just not hungry.

Bryan: He probably have some issues with Denise.

Dustin: Pat, did he say something?

Patrick: Yeah, he said get out patrick! Lol

Dustin: Ima go talk to him after lunch.

Kelly: Whoo he's on his protective big brother mode! Lol

Dustin: Well someone got to care! And since it's not you...

Bryan: Wow, calm down guys! 


What will happen next? Will Carnell and Denise work things out? Or is this marriage thing gonna spoil everything they have?

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