With Dustin and Karrueche:

Kae: I'm so tired babe. I feel like I haven't been sleeping for a year!

Dustin: That's because you work to much!

Kae: Yeah but I have to! "The Kill" is really working, my modeling career is taking a good start and that's what I've always wanted!

Dustin: Yeah and plus you are working with your ex. Great!

Kae: Babe, we've already talked about that. Chris is no longer a danger for our relationship. I'm committed to you and that isn't gonna change until you want it to.

Dustin: I'm never gonna want that to happen.

Kae: then trust me when I speak. I love you. He's just one of my closest friends.

Dustin: don't you think he wants you back?!

Kae: So?! It doesn't matter! We are together now and nothing else matters!

Dustin: ok! Are you staying over tonight?

Kae: Not if you don't want to.

Dustin: Hell yeah I want you to snow!

With Carnell and Denise:

Denise: I'm heading home now.

Carnell: Are you coming to the studio tomorrow?

Denise: I wouldn't miss that for the world.

Carnell: okay. See you tomorrow baby. (kissed her goodbye)

Denise: sleep tight. Love you!

Carnell, Patrick and Kelly gathered in the living room to play video games and they started talking.

Patrick: Man, I love me some Miley. She's so cool and she chill.

Kelly: Feeling the same about Demz! We really get along with each other.

Carnell: It's the same with Denise and me. No wonder we've been together for a year and a half now.

Kelly: You guys are married! Ha-ha! An old couple!

Carnell: stop talking shit, Kelly.

Patrick: he's right tho! You guys are addicted to each each other. If you ain't thinking of marriage then you picked the wrong chick lil bro!

Carnell: Denise never talked about marriage or anything near that!

Kelly: it's because she's young. But soon she'll want to get more serious. And then. Bang bang bang. You better feel the same! Ha-ha!

Carnell: you guys are messed up. I'm going to bed!

What if they're right and we're going too fast.

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