Everyone was sitting around the table, eating and chatting. It was a nice dinner. Mrs Adrian soon left to go to sleep, she was exhausted. Everyone went their own ways with their significant others.

With Bryan and Ariana:

Ariana: I'm going home. Thank you for inviting me over.

Bryan: Are you still mad at me? Coz that's the last thing I want you to be.

Ariana: I'm not mad at you, I just don't get why we can't help it but argue all the time. It's not cool.

Bryan: I know... I guess we'll have to change that habit and communicate more instead of fighting.

Ariana: I agree. I love you tho. No matter how mad I can be.

Bryan: Then we're two. (He leaned on and kissed her) why don't you stay over tonight and I'll take you back home tomorrow?

Ariana: okay.

With Patrick and Miley:

Patrick: Are you going home tonight babe?

Miley: Yeah, I need to be at the studio early in the morning so I need to rest.

Patrick: but you can rest here... (Grin)

Miley: Ha-ha (laughs sarcastically)Yeah right! You know better than me that we can't do that in this house!

Patrick: Yes we can! We ain't Kelly and Demi! Ha-Ha! They're addicted!

Miley: No, Kelly is addicted. Demi is in love! That's in your blood! Ha-ha!

Patrick: shut up! Ha-ha ok so you are not staying over tonight?

Miley: No babe. Tomorrow maybe! (She kissed him and left)

With Kelly and Demi:

Demi: I gotta go. Miley is waiting for me.

Kelly: you sure you don't want to stay over tonight?

Demi: Naah I need to sleep tonight. I have a recording session early in the morning.

Kelly: yeah I know, we have to record too tomorrow but not until 1 pm.

Demi: I think I'm still gonna be there at that time. Well, I'll see you tomorrow then.

Kelly: okay. After that we can have lunch together if you want.

Demi: I'd love to! Goodnight babe! (She kissed him goodbye)


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