They keep hurting me.

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"It may take seconds to hurt someone but it may take years to repair the damage"~Pinterest
I took my scissors,cut her dress while she was sleeping on her table and threw my cup of coffee on her dress and when she woke up..

"Oops! Sorry Lia Hilton"

"Oh my god ! my dress"

"Hah! Look at her dress...well done for her,that slut" I heard Alice's group say

"What am I gonna wear?"

"Take off your clothes" Alice said to tease her and her friends burst out laughing at her.

Lia was crying but she didn't want people to know so she covered her face.
Lia's P.OV

"She is such a baby"
"Look at her"
"Why is she always crying?"
"I hate that girl"

I heard these words while I was crying.I am human,why can't they see me happy?why are they always making my life hard?why?

"Can you just leave me alone Neil? I beg of you"

"So Lia is begging me to leave her alone huh! Good,that's what I wanted.
Okay,I shall spare you,I'll call it pity.You may live happily"

I continued crying and Lora came.
"What is wrong Lia ?"


"I know what happened" Lora said loudly

"Neil Castor,you are feeling proud after having made a girl cry,would you like if someone did that to you? Her parents died in a car accident.How would you feel after losing your parents in a car accident and suddenly having to change country huh? Her life is already very difficult so please stop making it harder."Lora shouted with anger.

"Come Lia,let's go eat something" Lora said

"I'm not hungry Lora."

I ran to the garden again to be alone.

" are you?
I miss both of you a lot"

Neil was coming again. I turned to go to my classroom but he stopped me.

"Leave my hand Neil....thank you for everything,for making me cry,for making me angry,for making me feel embarrassed and..."

He gave me a back hug.

He gave me a back hug

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"Don't cry,I'm sorry." he whispered,wiped my tears and ran back to his class

Just then Alice's group came

"Darling,these days,you are being too friendly with Neil. I just came to remind you that Neil is mine and no one can take him from me,So back off." while her friends were making faces at me.
I ignored her cause I didn't want to ruin my day because of her.
After classes,It was time to go home.
Lora and I took the bus and arrived home.

"Lia ? what happened to your dress?"

"Nothing Nona,I tripped and fell on the ground"

"Are you hurt?"

"No,not at all''

"Drink your juice and eat your cake"
Nona said while drinking her coffee.

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