Maths Revision with Neil.

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"Why is your Nona at my place?" Neil asked

"It's concerning the dress"

"What ? dress?"

"Mrs Castor's clients loved her dress and Nona is there to see the designs that Mrs Castor's clients gave"

While talking,I felt someone following us but I ignored then I felt it again for several times and asked Neil if he felt the same way.

"No...I don't feel anyone following us"


"Neil....I wanted to ask you a question"


"I'm having some difficulties in Maths,can you help me?"


"Why?" I asked with disapointment

"Because I am playing playstation with my brother today"

"Neil,can you keep it for tomorrow...please please please!"

"Why the hell should I help you? Go do your own things!"

"Neil please"

Just then a man in black pullover kicked me and tried to snatch my school bag.
Neil pushed the man,I was panicked and tried to stop Neil.

"Go away you stupid ass!"

Neil was slapping him mercilessly and kicking him on the ground. I was so scared that I started crying. The man got up,threw the bag and ran away. Neil was injured on the face due to several punches he received from the thief. My heart was pouncing.

"Neil...." I said sadly and bursted out crying

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Neil asked

I couldn't do anything but hug Neil tightly. Neil hugged me back.

" I'm really sorry"

"Huh! Why sorry" Neil asked

"Because of me's all because of me"

"Lia...yes it's because of you ....
I could make use of the karate classes I took for three years" Neil replied and laughed loudly

Seeing Neil laugh was the most beautiful thing ever. I don't know why, I surprisingly felt so good when I saw him happy.

"By the way you look very ugly when you cry" Neil said to tease me.

"Shut up are never serious when you should the way, thanks a lot"

I can't describe how Neil looked like when he was fighting with the thief.
He looked like a hero, my hero! Wait what? What did I mean by my hero?
Lia control yourself okay! Don't forget that the mission is between Neil and Alice. We finally arrived,Neil opened the gate and we got in.

"Good afternoon" I said to Mrs Castor and Nona as I got in.

Both were comfortably sitting in the luxurious living room.

"Good afternoon darling" both said

"Neil! What's wrong with your face?" Mrs Castor asked looking tensed

"Uh mom, I fell while playing basketball" Neil replied

"Come I'll apply some ointment on it"

Neil saw how both were busy, so he refused.

"It's okay mom,carry on with your work."

"But Neil, it's bleeding"

"Don't worry mom, I'll apply it"

"Okay,take Lia with you and don't make her feel bored okay? Keep the playstation for tomorrow"

"Sure mom, come let's go up"

Neil's room was like a big hall. All included, gym equipments,a king size bed,a big wardrobe,computer,a fantastic view of New York City and his personal wash room.

"Wow Neil! Your room is so big.... the view is so breath-taking"

"Thank you ..... let's start with maths revision,stop wasting time"

"Wait Neil! Let me apply the ointment first"

While applying it, I saw Neil looking straight into my eyes with a serious face.

"Lia..." Neil shouted and held my hand

"Yes?" I replied

"It's burning a lot"

"Be patient, it's gonna heal"

After applying it,I sat on the fluffy mat with my maths book and showed Neil the chapters I was having difficulties.

"Oh ! You must be such a stupid girl for not knowing this"

"Neil...that's the reason I'm here, help me instead of giving your opinion"

" how many sides does a pentagon has?" Neil asked

"2,3 no no 5 sorry 6 wait wait let me think......7 maybe 8....yes 8 sides but no I think"

"Shut up Lia........stupid...a pentagon has five sides"

Neil was patient to me.I finally understood the chapters I was having difficulties on.Poor Neil!,he explained a simple formula for like hundred times.After closing my book, I thanked Neil.

"Neil.....thank you for everything"

*Phone ringing*

Alice-"Hello...Neil are you coming tomorrow?"

"Yes, I am"

Wait what? Neil agreed? Oh my god...Lia control were the one who always encouraged Neil to be friend with please stop. I reminded myself.

Alice- "Great....thanks Neil. See you tomorrow"

"Oh! totally forgot about that. Have a nice time"

I had a big smile on my face but inside ... I kept on thinking of the way Neil agreed. Why was I thinking of that? Lia stop it..I kept repeating that to myself.

"Lia ... we are going" Nona called me

"Coming Nona"

I went down where I saw Nona and Mrs Castor putting their documents in a file.

"Goodbye Mrs Castor" I said and as soon as I turned, I saw Mrs Castor and Nona hugging each other. They were becoming good friends.

"Goodbye Mrs Castor and see you on Sunday" I heard Nona say

Uh? On Sunday? What had they planned?, I asked myself. As soon as I got in Nona's car,I asked her.

"Nona,where are you going on Sunday?"

"Oh! Mrs Castor told me to come with her to meet her friends. Since I finished their dress, I'll be giving them back. And the good news is that,I signed a contract which states that I'll be designing their clothes"

Mrs Castor was a lady with class and she always gave Nona the task of making her clothes since Nona was best at sewing and designing. Nona's creations are unique. Mrs Castor's clients noticed the beautiful dresses that she wore in conferences and meetings and they instantly fell in love with Nona's creations. They asked Mrs Castor whether they could give their designs to Nona and finally, she has the responsibility of making and designing their clothes. Nona has not study much on fashion and textiles but even though, she got to be a fashion designer. From being a simple taylor that sewed baby skirts,torn clothes and simple dresses to becoming a fashion designer, I was indeed proud of Nona.
We went home and told Nono the good news. Nono was so amazed,he gave Nona a big hug and congratulated her. After eating, I went up in my room,closed the door and sat on my bed thinking of Neil. He may be arrogant and sometimes rude, but deep inside,he is a real sweetheart.
SWEATHEART!!!! I'm I losing it?
I'll say that again, "He may be arrogant and sometimes rude,but deep inside, he is a good friend"
This makes sense. I refreshed and went to sleep after a long day.

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