Arriving to America.

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Arriving there is what you are destined for.~Charles Lamb
I woke up and saw Tessa listening to music. I looked through the window and saw that it was early.

"Good morning darling,oh! I'm so bored!" Tessa said

"Goodmorning Tessa! "

"Will you listen to music with me?"


Tessa had over a hundred songs in her ipad and we listened to all of them. After listening,I got up and went to the toilet to wash my face.I came back and saw that breakfast was being served.

"Milk,coffee,tea or juice?" asked the air hostess.

I told her to give me a glass of peach juice and so did Tessa. The air hostess poured the juice in two glasses and placed two plates containing jam,a piece of bread and butter. It was five thirty in my watch and only thirty minutes to go. Tessa gave me a small piece of paper in which her phone number was written and she told me to call her whenever I need her. That was so sweet of her,she wanted to continue be in contact with me. I just hoped that I get to meet her again.
Meanwhile an announcement was made.
"Passengers must fasten their seatbelts and the plane is landing at John F Kennedy International Airport at 6 o'clock"

"How does my grandma looks like?"
I asked.

"You shall see her in the airport" Tessa replied.

The plane landed and everyone got up to take their bags. We took ours and walked out of the plane. Tessa took her sunglasses out from her bag and wore them. We both walked inside the airport, went to take our luggage and got out. Many people were waiting for their guests,family members and friends outside. Tessa hugged me and reminded me to phone her.

"Bye Lia"
"Bye Tessa ,take care"

While looking everywhere,I saw a lady that looked around her sixties with a paper "Miss Lia Hilton" written on it. She looked tensed and confused.

"So she is Mrs Lili Joanah Hilton."

I went to her and at first she didn't recognise me.

"Excuse me, I'm Lia Hilton"

She looked at me and a tear of joy fell from her eyes.

"Lia Hilton,my grew so tall..." Mrs Lili said
She hugged me so tightly and started crying.

"What happened to my son Lia?"she asked.

What answer should I give her? I asked myself.

"Oh I'm such a stupid person,you must be tired after ten hours in the plane let's talk about this when we get home." She said and wiped her tears.

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