Making Alice and Neil together.

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Lia's P.O.V

"You can go wherever you want.In the end, you'll always come back to those who are really meant for you."~Pinterest

I have a mission,making Neil and Alice become friends. But how?
Neil is arrogant and choosy,he won't easily accept Alice as his friend. Alice is immature and passes all her time gossiping and mocking people with her friends. But I respected Alice's feelings for Neil and I didn't want Neil to be too friendly to me. After eating breakfast I went to the bus stop.
When I got in my class,I noticed a letter on my table. "Meet me near the gymnasium......Alice". Why would Alice want to meet me?...nevermind.
I sat down,took my favourite book from my bag and started reading it.
Just then,I saw Miranda,Stephanie and Katiana enter the class.

"Good morning Lia" I heard the three girls say together

"Good morning girls" I replied and continued reading my book

The bell rang and finally English teacher came in our class.

After English classes,I went to the gymnasium to search for Alice.


"Yeah....I saw your letter on the table,do you have anything to say?"

" sorry for yesterday,I loved Neil since we were in middle school and when I see how he ignores makes me sad"

"I know Alice...and I respect the feelings you have for Neil....but you must show it to him....try being friendly to him"

"I tried my best....but still..."

"It's okay Alice.....I can help you .. don't worry"

Alice gave me a tight hug.

"I am ashamed of myself...I shouldn't have done that. .. if possible..forgive me"

"Everyone makes mistakes.."

"Thanks for understanding me Lia"

We exchanged numbers ,then I went back to my class thinking of how could I make Alice and Neil become friends.

"Where were you Lia?" Lora and the others asked

"I went to meet Alice."

"Alice" everyone said together

"Ssshhh..don't speak aloud"

"That wretch..if you have a freaking bandage on you leg it's because of her and now you are telling us that you went to meet her...where is she? Tell me...I want to kill her" Lora said with anger

"It's okay Lora...don't worry..she is a good girl...let's go in the garden,I will tell you everything"

Samantha and everyone followed me to the garden.

"So tell us why you went to meet her?" Miranda asked with anger

"Girls....she has a feeling for Neil but Neil always ignores her"

"Yeah so...he ignores her because he doesn't like her." Stephanie replied

"Yes..but don't you think that Alice and Neil are great couples?"

"....Yes they are but" Lora replied

"That's it....Alice apologised to me regarding yesterday's act and told me everything on why she did that.
Girls,I need your help....we should make them become friends"

"Lia it's not easy ...god damn it !
You know how Neil is....but still?" Katiana replied

"Anything is possible" I said and got up from the bench.

"Where is Neil?" I asked

"In the canteen" Lora replied

I went in the canteen and saw that Neil was alone,munching his sandwich.

"Alice.....Neil is alone,go and sit there"

"How will I do that?"

"Just go"

Alice went to sit and as soon as she sat Neil asked her why was she sitting there when there were other tables.

Alice sent me a message
-What do I reply?
-Tell him that you want to be his friend.

"Can we be friends? "


Neil's P.O.V

"You want to be my friend?"


"Alice ... you are beautiful but I don't appreciate your are not yourself .... you should try changing yourself,be a bit mature and stop mocking people" I replied and got up to go buy a bottle of water in the canteen.

Alice would always look at me whether I was in class or during recess but I didn't like her because of her manners. When I turned after buying my bottle of water, Alice disappeared. Mike and my friends came to meet me after completing some works in the classroom.

"I saw Alice here a moment ago,what's wrong?"

"She wants to be my friend"

"What?" They burst out laughing

Lia's P.O.V

"You heard what he said?"

"Yeah...It's true..I should stop mocking people and I should be myelf. Don't worry Lia,I shall change myself into a good girl."


I went to school and as soon as I got in the class, Lora came to hug me.

"I had a nightmare yesterday, I saw you jumping from the window" Lora said

I couldn't stop laughing at her nightmare. Just then I saw Alice,in a simple pair of jeans,a pullover,sneakers and no makeup.
WOW! She was looking beautiful.
Alice went to sit down and she took out her diary and wrote something in it.

"What's wrong with Alice today?" Neil asked me

"I don't know....she is beautiful isn't it?"


Alice heard that .....she was so happy.
After classes Alice came to me,

"Oh my so happy..I can't believe what Neil replied"

Alice and I talked for sometimes...and finally we went back in the class for Maths then English and so on. Time went quickly and only five minutes was left to go home. Lora's dad came to fetch her and I went to the bus stop to go home.

"Lia was your day?"
Nona asked


"Your Nono went for an afternoon walk in the the way Lia,Mrs Castor invited us to her place...will you come?"


"Fine,get ready..I am in the kitchen preparing some snacks for you"

I went in my room and freshend up.
What do I wear? ... a dress? a pair of jeans?, it was quite windy outside so I wore a pair of ripped jeans, black sneakers and a pale pink pullover.
I went down in the kitchen and saw a piece of cheesecake on the table with a glass of juice.

"It's for you it while am getting ready" Nona said and went in her room

After eating, I asked Nona if she was ready.

"Am nearly done,can you come here please?"

I went in Nona's room. Nona wanted to be chic as Mrs Castor was her client...Neil's mom.

"Can you help me get ready Lia..?"

"Sure Nona"

I applied some foundation on her wrinkles, a red lipstick on her lips and a silver nail varnish on her nails. Nona wore a pale pink dress and a pair of white sandals.

We both,wore pale pink clothes and Nona was looking very beautiful,just like a lady. We switched off the lights and got in the car. Though Mrs Castor lived quite near,we preferred going by car.

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