High School Jealousy

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Lia's P.O.V
"It's hard to convince a High School student that he/she will encounter a lot of problems more difficult than those of algebra and geometry."~Edward W.Howe

Today we would be doing Physical Education in the school gymnasium.
As soon as I arrived school,I went to my locker and took out my P.E outfit.
But then I noticed that a paper was stuck on my locker on which was written,'Stay far from him'.
Am sure that Alice made it,I guess she has a crush on Neil and thinks that I want to take Neil from her.What a childish girl!I never considered having a boyfriend in this age as a priority. I love my life and the people I met in USA apart from Neil. I didn't even think of being friend with Neil because of his manners.

Lora and I headed to the changing room and after changing we went to the gymnasium. There, our P.E teacher was waiting for us.
After everyone was ready,Mr Lee started his P.E classes.

"Yesterday you forgot you story book in the canteen" Neil said handing me
my small book.

"Thank you" I took my book and went to put it in my bag

Alice was looking at me with a lifted eyebrow. Come on! how come she is so imature? I just took a book from him.

"Okay students,today we shall play basketball"

Neil and and his friends were in team 1 and I was in team 2 with Lora,Miranda,Stephanie and Katiana.
Team one scored 3 and team 2 scored 4 but Neil was motivated to beat us in the final rounds. While playing I got the ball and made my way to the basket. I was about to score a point when Alice purposely placed her feet and I tripped and fell on my face.Alice and her friends burst out laughing at me while I was suffering on the ground and my nose was bleeding.
Just then I saw Neil step out of the crowd.

"Alice was stupid,is stupid and will always be stupid. You know what,go take classes on how to be mature and quit doing silly things" Neil said while wiping the blood from my nose with his handkerchief.

"What is going on?" Mr Lee asked

"My friend's nose is bleeding" Lora replied

"Oh! You must go to the sick room" Mr Lee told me

Since Neil was already helping me get up,the teacher asked him to bring me to the sick room cause he had to continue his classes. Neil placed my arm on his shoulder and helped me walk but when he saw that I had difficulties to walk due to a sprain,he took me on his back and continued walking.

"Does it hurt?" he asked

"Yes" I replied with tears in my eyes

"Don't worry am here" he said to comfort me

My heart rate increased when he said that.Neil has never been so kind to me.The way he consoled me,made me forget then pain I was going through.
I loved the way Neil changed for a moment. When he got in the sick room,he made me sit on the bed and just then a lady came.

"What is wrong with her?" She asked

"She fell on her face while playing,her nose is bleeding and her feet is paining"Neil replied

The lady came with her first aid box and placed a piece of cotton on my nose where it was bleeding.She applied an ointment and bandaged my feet.

"You can rest if you want"

"But I don't want to be here"

"Stay here for a while,your friend can be with you for sometime" she said and went away.

"You are so unlucky" he said with a smile on his face

"Neil,it's because of you!"

"Uhhh because of me?"

"Yes,Alice has a crush on you but you don't give her attention and she is scared of losing you and she did that because she thought I was trying to be
too friendly with you"

"Me,giving attention to that......?never"

"Don't say that Neil,try to be friend with her,maybe she will change"

"Are you fine now?"Neil asked to change the topic

"Yes" I replied

"Let's go then" he said and stood up

He took me on his back and went back to the classroom. Everyone was stairing at us.

"Are you fine?" Lora asked

"Yes I'm better now"

Classes continued but the teacher told me to rest for some times. When the bell rang,I went to the bus stop and just then I heard Neil call me.
When I turned,I saw his car.

"Lia,I don't think you can go home in the bus today,come my driver will drop you."

"It's okay,I can take the bus"

"Stop being stubborn and get in the car"

I got in with hesitation and the driver started driving.

"Where do you live?"

"Christ Street"


After arriving,Neil helped me get inside and Nona was stressed on seeing a piece of cotton in my nose and a bandage on my feet.

"Lia darling....oh my god..What is wrong?"

"She tripped and fell down while playing basketball" Neil replied

"Okay.....Thanks for helping her"

"It's OK"

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