The place I would be living.

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"Dear past,thank you for your lessons.Dear future,I'm ready.Dear god,thank you for another chance."~Pinterest

Christ Street,was where Mrs Lili lived. It was peaceful and had beautifully designed houses. Mrs Lili parked the car and opened the gate. The house was a bit rustic but beautiful. When Mrs Lili knocked,an old man opened the door. The old man was Mrs Lili's husband and my grandfather. He was old, around seventies but looked healthy.
"Welcome daughter,am Mr James Hilton but you can call me Nono"

''Okay Nono"

Mrs Lili and I , took the luggage and we went upstairs.

"This is your room Lia darling."

Wow! the room was perfect. White and pale pink with white furniture and canvas of a baby girl.
"Who is the baby?"

"It's you when you were small dear"

The room was totally my type. Grandma painted the room and the furniture as soon as she knew I was about to come.

"Shall I help you unpack?"grandma asked.


She helped me by placing my clothes in the wardrobe,I placed my shoes on the rack and my books on the study table and Mrs Lily got the picture of my parents in my bag while unpacking. A tear fell from her eye but she quickly wiped it. She took the picture and hung it on the wall in my room.

"Thank you Mrs Lili"

"Welcome darling and call me Nona"

"Ok Nona " I said and hugged her

She hugged me back and gave me a kiss on the forehead. So sweet of her.She went down to continue her embroidery. Nona stitched torn clothes and bed sheets.
I called Samantha and we talked for half an hour. She was so happy on hearing my voice. Nona was calling me down stairs.

"Lia darling, you are starting school Monday and we'll have to buy the books and school stationaries so later on we'll go to the stationary shop."

"Ok Nona"

I went back to my room and continued reading my book, 'time between us'.
I looked at my watch and it was 2 pm.
I changed my clothes and went to Nona.

"Thank god you are ready darling...let's go"

Nona had the list of books she had to purchase which was given by the school I was about to attend. Nona parked the car and got out. We headed inside the shop. It was large and air conditioned. Nona went to the book section,we got all the books & copybooks and then we went to the stationaries section. Wow! there was a variety of pens, pencil cases, water colour and other items.

"Choose whatever you want" Nona said

I chose a pink pencil case with beads and glitter on it, some pens with different ink colour,a ruler, highlighters,a notebook and water colour cause I loved painting.

"That's all ?"

"Yes Nona"

"Okay then,let's go"

We placed to books and stationaries and Nona paid the cashier.

"Thank you so much Nona but am such a burden for you... "

"Why Lia ? Don't I have duties towards my grandaughter? Don't say that again ok honey. I love you a lot."

Nona was a sweetheart. Her love for me could be seen in her eyes.

"Let's go home Lia, Nono is waiting"

We went back home and Nona started cooking for dinner. Chicken,peas and couscous. We three,sat down and ate our food. Ummm!.. so tasty,Nona really had a talent of cooking. Even Nono loved the food.For dessert,we had homemade fruit salad. After eating,we went out on the terrace and cracked jokes,talked and sang old songs.

"Wow what a beautiful day" I said slowly.

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