Stubborn Neil Castor.

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"I might be a dork but I don't want to be a jerk."~TomDelonge
-----------------------------------------Lia's P.O.V

"Lia wake up!" Lora shouted

As usual we woke up,started getting ready,took our bags, went down to Nona and she had prepared toast and two cups of fresh milk.

"You will be taking the bus with Lora today Lia darling"


I opened the door and we rushed to the bus stop. After sometimes the bus came, we got in and headed to school.
Neil's P.O.V

"Wake up! Darling"

"Good morning mum"

Getting ready to go to school early in the morning has always been my favourite moment of the day. But I kept on thinking someone, Lia.
High School was boring because every girls would admire me but since Lia Hilton came,something changed. In my class and school,75% are gold diggers. They like me just because I'm rich and handsome. Today I have missions to complete and the first mission is to make Lia pay for calling me a jerk and spoilt brat and second mission is to make Lia's life hard.
Nobody dared to talk to me this way. How dare she? I can do whatever I want and I can get her out in minutes.
But before that, I need to make her taste her own medicine. Getting her trapped in such a conspiracy that she's unable to be her own self, overconfident and daring as she is.

"Mom I'm going"

"What about breakfast"

"I'm not hungry"

I got in my car and went to school.
The first subject we would do was
Physics. Lia had already arrived and I saw her talking to her new friends.
The bell rang and finally everyone went to their places. The teacher came and started his class. I kept an eye on Lia and saw that on her desk was some drawings that she had drawn.Without letting her notice, I took the drawings slowly from her desk,tore them into pieces and went to threw them in the bin. As Lia was busy jotting down notes,she didn't even have a clue. After Physics classes, she started looking for her drawings like a crazy girl.

"Oh my god! Where are they?I spent hours drawing them"

"Lia, maybe you should go and check in the bin" I told her

She stood up and went to the bin and as soon as she saw her drawings torn into pieces,she fell on her knees.

"Why?" Lia asked

"Because when Neil said that he will make your life miserable,he will definitely do it" I replied

"What do you want to prove by doing this?" she asked

"Nothing, I just feel happy doing it"

"I hate you Neil Castor"

"Good!" I replied

"What is your problem Neil?" Lora asked

"I don't need to give you an explanation Miss Lora Malone" I replied her and I saw Lora talking to Lia. Second mission, I took her history book from her bag and gave it to Mike,one of my friends.
The teacher came and Lia started looking for her book.

"Where is my book?" She asked while searching in her bag

"Good morning,has everyone placed their books and copybooks on their table?
Miss Lia Hilton, I can't see any book on your table"

"Uhh, I'm looking for it"

"Now you are looking for your book?"

"I had it in my bag this morning but now I can't see it"

"Your book has legs?"

Everyone laughed at her and she was embarrassed.

"Nevermind, next time be careful and for the time being,follow in Neil's book"

Lia took her chair and came to sit next to me and when she was looking at the book,I kept on admiring her. Her long, silky black hair that fell on her face and the way she was focusing in the book. I can't deny the fact that Lia was a very attractive and smart girl but still, I was motivated to complete my tasks. After History classes,I gave her the book.

"So you took it?" She asked
and bursted into tears. She ran to the washroom and Lora with her other friends followed her.

Lia's P.O.V
We were in the washroom and I couldn't stop crying.


"Stop crying Lia !" Katiana shouted

"I can't....I just can't ! Do you know how embarrassed I felt?"

"Be strong and show him that you are not scared of anyone" Stephanie said

"Come,let's go to the canteen"Miranda said

We went down and had our food and after eating my friends went back to class for some works but I went to the garden because I wanted to be alone for sometimes. I felt someone was coming but I ignored. But actually,it was Neil who was coming. I could see Alice's group watching me from the canteen.
Neil's P.O.V
"Aww,the baby girl was crying in the washroom!" I said to tease her

"SHUT UP! Stupid, instead of wasting your time in revenge,you could have done something better" she replied

"Excuse me? So you just called me stupid?"


"You know what, you look cute when you are angry"

"I know"

"Oh! You know?"

I took my phone and captured a picture of Lia's face.

"Neil delete that picture right now"



"What's wrong Lia?"

"Stop it" she shouted

The bell rang and I rushed to my classroom for English.
Mrs Lee came and started her class by giving us a passage to read and we had to jot down difficult words and then the bell rang and everyone took their bags to go home.

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