The alone sick boy.

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Lia's P.O.V

I got your back boy.~anonymous
"Neil,wake up!"
Neil was sleeping in the car


I got out and placed his hand on my shoulder and helped him walk inside. I took the keys from his bag and opened the door. Neil was so weak that he couldn't even walk properly.
The most difficult part was when I had to make him climb the stairs.

"Rest a bit Neil....I'm going to get something from the kitchen"

"Liaaa! Don't go...stay with me" Neil shouted in his sleep

"What's wrong Neil?"


I went to the kitchen and took out a bottle of cold water from the fridge,poured it in a bowl and searched for a piece of cloth and finally found a clean kitchen cloth...well nevermind! I just needed a piece of cloth for Neil. I took the bowl upstairs and placed my hand on his forehead. OMG! SO HOT ...I quickly placed the piece of cloth on his forehead.

"Lia....I feel cold"

I covered him with a blanket and sat next to him.

"My head....."

I gave him a massage and he held my hand and placed it on his heart and fell asleep and slowly slowly ,I fell asleep too.

" feeling thirsty"

I woke up and gave Neil a glass of water. After drinking it, he stared at me for minutes.

"Where is mom?"

"She hasn't returned yet"

"Where is Niall?"

"I think he is out."

"You should go home will be too late and your Nona will be worried"

"I informed her...I can't leave you in this state....I will remain here till someone is home to look after you"

I stood up and placed my hand on his neck....he was still feverish.

Ding Dong! Neil's mom was home.
She came in Neil's room and saw me.

"Neil are you okay?"


"Sorry son! I could not come early because of the traffic"

"It's okay"

Mrs Castor hugged Neil tightly. She stood up and came to me.

"Lia...thank you"

She hugged me too.

"No need to thank me Mrs Castor.I got to go now"

"Goodbye Lia,take care"

"Goodbye Mrs Castor,bye Neil"

I went home and as soon as I knocked , Nona opened the door.

"It's quite late darling,how is Neil doing?"

"Better" I replied and went in my room

After completing my works..I went to Nona and helped her in the kitchen and talked to Nono a bit. I ate and went to sleep as I was feeling sleepy and tired.


I went to school and saw Neil.

"The hell is wrong with you Neil?
Why would you come to school in this state?" I asked him

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