The start of a wonderful day.

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"Never regret a day in your life;good days give happiness,bad days give experience,worst days give lessons and best days give memories." ~Pinterest
It's 5 a.m and both brothers are snoring so loud that Lora and I looked at the ceiling,traumatized.It was head splitting and all I wanted to do is knock them off with my slippers.
Lora and I covered our face with our pillows but it still managed to distract us but as soon as we got used to it we felt asleep again and woke up at 8,it was a full eight hours of sleep and I felt ready to tackle the day. As soon as I woke up,Lora woke up too and gave me a big morning hug.

"What about me?" Niall asked still sleepy.Lora gave him a hug and went to brush her teeth and Niall followed her while Neil was still asleep.

Lora gave him a hug and went to brush her teeth and Niall followed her while Neil was still asleep

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"Wake up buddy,it's daytime."

"Good morning pumpkin"
he replied in a sleepy voice.

Niall and Lora were brushing their teeth together while Neil and I were tidying things and waiting for the washroom to be free.We were ready in our most comfy clothes and shoes since we had a lot to do for the day.

"I need your attention,I never mentioned that before but I have always loved New York city even when I was in England. As I told you I would love to be a travel guide when I grow up,this could be a great opportunity for me and y'all.I present myself,Miss Lia Hilton. Kindly have your breakfast and take all your essential belongings including your bottle of water to remain hydrated and your hat as it's sunny today.Take your skateboard if ever we feel tired of walking and be quick so that we have the entire day."

"Wow Liii,you are good." Neil replied feeling proud.

"I'll agree with bro" Niall said happily while Lora gave me a flying kiss.

"Thank you peeps,we better hurry."

Nona was downstairs and guess what? we all gave her a hug together. She was overwhelmed by the morning love we offered her. We went to Nono and gave him a hug too and all he did was pulled our cheeks with a big smile on his face.As for breakfast,we had Fresh fruit smoothie and Sandwich.

"Are you done?" I asked and everyone stood to take their bags.
We gave Nona our mobile phone number in case she wanted to call us.

"I trust the four of you to be careful in that crowded city.Stay in groups,don't get lost and be attentive with your belongings.I'm not the type of person that will stop a group of dynamic and motivated teens from exploring the world out there.It has a lot to offer but I'll still remind y'all that we live in a sick world.Have fun but be safe."

"Yes Nona we'll be careful,see you later."

We went to the Station and took a metro which welcomed us by a group of musicians performing a traditional American music and I instantly felt the American vibe.We arrived to the Center of New York city in less than 20 minutes.To be honest,I felt goosebumps as it was my first trial in a completely New City.I used to be an amateur Travel guide in Great Britain during my summer holidays but New York was a completely fresh sight.I always felt chills thinking of The Statue of Liberty and the fact that I would be seeing it right in front of my eyes amazed me.Just then I arrived to a flight of stairs.I knew that I would see my favorite symbol of New York City as soon as I climbed it.

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