Neil Castor,that one popular boy.

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Neil went to his class with his friends. When I entered the class,the teacher called me in front of the classroom.

"Hello darling,what's your name? "

"Lia Hilton"

"Good morning everyone, she is Lia Hilton and from now on, she'll be studying in St Juliet High School.
Do you have anything to say Lia?

The way Neil was looking at me made me more nervous.

"Uhhh hello everyone, I'm Lia from London and I hope we have a good time studying and doing activities together."

"So Miss Lia Hilton, I'm Mrs Eva your maths teacher. You are sitting next to the Neil Castor"

What?...I would be sitting next to Neil Castor. My heart rate increased and my face was red. Why am I blushing?
I took my belongings and went to my place. Neil's friends were at the back and Lora in front of me.
Thank god Lora was sitting in front of me. Mrs Eva started her maths class and gave us some word problems to solve. While writing, my pen fell under Neil's desk and I thought he would pick it up for me but he didn't do so.

"Excuse me, can you give me my pen please?, it fell under your table."

"I'm busy why don't you do it yourself?."

I stood up and went to take my pen and continued my maths work. After Neil was over with his work, he took his iPhone 6 Plus and started playing a car race game as Mrs Eva went out to attend a call. The irritating sound distracted me and I gently asked him:

"Could you please lower the volume of your mobile phone?"

He turned and looked at me with a lifted eyebrow and completely ignored what I had gently asked him to do.

His friends started cracking jokes with him.

"Oh come on Neil! that girl will regret siting next to you, pity her on her first day"

"I don't care" Neil replied while playing his game

"What a jerk!" I said loudly with anger

Everyone was shocked on hearing me.

"Did you just call me a jerk?"

"Yes, you are too proud of yourself. You should learn how to respect others' decision . The sound of your game is too loud and when I told you to decrease the volume,you totally ignored me.I feel distracted by it so please Mr Castor."

"I don't want to lower the volume of my mobile phone do you have any problem?"

"Yes, use of mobile phone is prohibited in class"

"You think I care for rules & regulations?"

"You may not but I do."

His attitude made me very angry and I wanted to punch him right on the nose.

"You are such a nerd" Neil said with a smile

"Shut up you spoilt brat"

"You gonna pay for that girl"

"As if I'm scared" I replied rolling my eyes.

Everyone was looking at us. We were fighting like small kids but I had a reason. I hated selfish and arrogant people and Neil was one of them.
Finally Mrs Eva came back and corrected the classworks.

"Okay children, I am noting your homework on the whiteboard so don't forget to take it"

The bell rang and we got our first break. Everyone was busy talking about the fight between Neil and I.
Some girls wanted to be my friends.

"Hi Lia, I'm Miranda and she is Stephanie. By the way, how could you fight with Neil? You weren't scared? Be careful Lia, Neil is a boy who shows no empathy, he can do anything to take revenge for what you said to him."

"Neil is a stubborn and arrogant boy. His manners made me so angry that I could have punched and kicked his face.
Were you not disturbed by the sound?" I asked Miranda

"Yes I was, but I'm scared of him"

"So he takes advantage of everyone being scared of him. Now I'm gonna show him what it's like to disturb and threaten Lia Hilton"

Lora took her sandwich and came to me.
"Wow Lia, I'm so happy for you. You should always be like this,don't be scared and speak frankly. His mobile phone always disturbs me but I always hesitate to talk to him."

I took some of my books and we went to the canteen.

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