The ready dress.

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"It all comes down to who's by your side."~Nicholas Sparks
Lia's P.O.V
After helping me,Neil got back in his car and went home.I went to my room,closed the door and freshened up. After sometimes, I heard Nona calling me.

"Lia darling,you must be hungry,
Come,I made chocolate cookies for you"

Nona helped me get down and brought me to the kitchen.

"What happened Lia?" Nono asked

"I fell while playing basketball"

"Oh! Does it pains?"

"No,I'm feeling better" I replied with a smile and ate my cookies

It was paining though,but I didn't want Nono and Nona to worry so I told them that am fine.But inside, I felt like crying loudly. After eating the cookies,Nona helped me get back to my room.It was already 7 pm and I had already completed my homeworks.


Neil's P.O.V

I'm so so so tired! I went to my room and sat on my sofa. Whatever happened with Lia was not fair.I saw her on the ground with blood coming out of her nose but no one cared for her apart from Lora and her friends. Everyone was laughing at her when she was in pain.

Wait,why the hell am I feeling bad?
Is she my girlfriend? What is wrong with me? ... I live for myself.I make my own destiny and I don't care for other people apart from mom,dad,my brother and myself.Yes,I have a brother but he goes to another school

"Bro,let's play Playstation"


I followed my brother to the leisure room. We had a leisure room where we could play games and watch movies and there we played for hours. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

"Hello mom"

"Son,can you do something for me?
Mrs Hilton just called me and told me that my dress is ready but I'm in a meeting right now,can you go take my dress please?she lives very near..the grey house,do you know where?"

"Yeah ... "

"Ok then..go take it and I'm coming home at eight because of the meeting,bye honey"

"Niall,I got a task to do.Sorry bro"

"Okay,go ahead.I'm going to complete my homework then.

Since she lived near,I prefered riding my bicycle. After arriving,I knocked at the door and Lia's grandma opened it.

"Come in dear, do you want something to drink?"

"No thanks"

"Please don't mind,can you call Lia and tell her that food is ready?"

"Yeah sure"

I went up to Lia's room and opened the door without knocking it to annoy her. She was talking to herself with tears in her eyes. She was looking at a picture that was hung on the wall.

"Whatever Neil said is true,I totally agree. I'm so unlucky but what can I do?...Mom..Dad..why are you gone? Can you come back? Your Lia is missing you."

She was in low spirits.

"Neil ! what are you doing here?"

"I came to fetch my mom's dress,may I come in?"

"Errr yeah!"

I went in and sat next to her.

"What's wrong Lia?"

"Nothing,I was thinking of how my parents left me alone,life is so incomplete without them"

"Your parents may not be here physically,but they will always be in your heart. You are not unlucky Lia,you are amazing just the way you are"

Lia was looking at me and I was looking at her.

"Thanks Neil..."

"Oh I forgot ! Nona is calling you,food is ready"

We both went down.

"What is your name?" Nona asked

"Neil Castor"

"Come take the dress my boy."

I took the dress and stood up to go but Lia's grandma stopped me.

"Wait,don't go,eat something.It's late"

"It's okay,no worries."

"No,please eat something"

"That's very kind of you"

Since I was hungry and Mrs Hilton stopped me,I preferred eating there.Mrs Hilton made roasted chicken and salad. Lia's grandma was a lady.She was very friendly and kind hearted. Mrs Hilton gave me a piece of cheesecake for dessert.

"Do you want more?"

"No thank you,the food was tasty
thanks for everything"

I stood up and rode my bicycle to go home. Arriving home,I saw mom's car.

"You took so long,have you brought the dress?" mom asked


I handed her the plastic bag.

"Wow ! flawless,Mrs Hilton has an art for sewing clothes.I admire her passion."

"Mom? couldn't you buy a dress instead?"

"I saw a model of this dress on the internet and I badly wanted it but it was out of stock. Then I remembered Mrs Hilton sewed clothes,I went to her,gave her the model and she made it just the way I wanted it to be"

"I'm tired,i'm going in my room"

"What about food?"

"I already ate at Mrs Hilton's place"

"Okay then,goodnight honey"

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