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"The only thing that a tragedy gives us is the opportunity to rebuild our life."~Paulo Coelho

Lia was gorgeous and a sensible girl.She had long silky black hair,big hazel eyes and beautiful pink lips.She lived happily with her parents in Great Britain until
a tragedy struck her which left her completely shattered.

"Lia,it's the third time I'm calling you, can you please hurry up! Dad is waiting for us in the are taking too much time to dress up ! "Mrs Hilton shouted.

"Yes mom,I'm ready ! Just a few minutes." Lia replied.

The Hilton family were in hurry as they planned to go to the shopping mall and then to the cinema.Lia who loved being fashionable took a lot of time to get ready which annoyed Mr Hilton.
Lia quickly got in the car and Mr Hilton started driving.After fifteen minutes,Lia felt something was wrong with the car but she ignored it and continued talking to her mom.As soon as Lia's dad turned left, a lorry stopped in front of the car and due to a break failure,he could not stop the car and the car crashed with the lorry, leaving both mother and father dead on the spot and Lia severely injured.
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