Going to my new home.

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"Home is where your story begins."~Pinterest

NYC is a very busy city. Mrs Lily unlocked the car and we both got in.
While she was driving, I was busy admiring New York City's skyscrapers.
It looked different and modern.The houses were beautiful and some of them had gardens with all sorts of colourful flowers. Mrs Lili stopped the car and got out.

"I know you are hungry,come let's eat something."

I got out of the car and followed her till 'Mc Donald'.We both got in and the smell of grilled chicken made me hungrier.

"What would you like to eat darling?" Mrs Lili asked

"Anything" I replied with hesitation.

She ordered two burgers, some french fries and came to sit down. I couldn't stop myself from taking the burger,tearing the paper that was wrapped on it and eating it like someone who hadn't eaten for weeks. After taking my first bite, I realised how greedy I had acted and felt embarrassed.

"It's okay darling,I know you are hungry"

We both ate together and Mrs Lili asked me some questions.

" I can't wait...can you please tell me what happened?"

"What do I tell you?,we were happily going to the shopping mall and while going, dad collided with a lorry and..."


"They died on the spot."

Mrs Lili looked like she was going to cry but she didn't.

"Lia,please don't give up darling.You are brave and I promise to keep you happy. If you have any problem,just tell me and I will help you."

My grandmother was very friendly and supportive. But why is she here in USA and my parents and I in UK?,this question rised in my head. Well,never mind cause one day Mrs Lili will have to tell me. We both finished our food and got in the car to go home.

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