Quality time with my crazy new friends.

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"Good times and crazy friends make the best memories."

We sat down and Miranda took two packets of crisps from her bag. She gave me and Lora a packet and one to Stephanie and Katiana.I forgot to describe them.

Stephanie-The bold girl that rocks in her black edgy style and makeup.Always in the mood of watching horror and vampire movies.A big fan of Ian Somerhalder.

Lora-My first friend and relative in USA,she has blonde hair,full of attitude,rocks in her hippie style.Loves floral prints,obsessed with Tumblr.

Katiana - The hot girl with ginger and curly hair just like the character in Brave. A big rebel that keeps breaking the school rules and is a big fan of Bella Thorne and passes time drawing.

Miranda- The girl with dark brown hair and grey eyes that loves planting,adventures and her friends. Always chilling and has a calm personality.

"We'll  play a game that shall make us know each other well. We must ask questions to each other on what they like and don't. Agree? Katiana asked"

"Okay" everyone replied while eating their crisps

"What do you like and don't Lia?" Lora asked me

"Err..I love chocolate,singing,dancing ,One Direction,I hate bullies and arrogant & selfish people.Lora? "

"I love playing games,Pizza and Fries and I hate racism and greedy people. Stephanie?"

"I love being fashionable, celebrity magazines and facebook but I hate fights and scary movies. Katiana?"

"I love makeup,Harry Styles,teddy bears and I hate bossy people.Miranda?"

"I love swimming ,riding bicycle and I hate rude people." Miranda replied.

" Let's go to the playground" Stephanie said

We went there and I sat on the swing.
There were other children playing happily and we were admiring them.

"Lora,we should get going now"

"Yeah! I will call Nona" Lora said while taking her phone from her bag.

"She is coming to fetch us in five minutes" Lora said

"We are walking home cause we live in this area" Stephanie,Katiana and Miranda said

"Okay then! Goodbye"

We went out of the park and Nona was already here waiting for us.

"How was your day Lia and Lora?"

"Very good!" I replied

"Lia,I have a good news for you,Lora will be staying with us today" Nona said

"Really! Oh my god am so happy"

I gave Lora a tight hug. My life changed, I had the sweetest grandparents ever,a beautiful  bedroom and a nice friend, Lora. Life was beautiful and I enjoyed every single day in New York City.

"Lia my phone is ringing,can give it to me please" Nona said

I took it from her handbag and gave it to her.

"Hello Mrs Castor, am nearly done with the dress and I will give it to you as soon as am over with it,bye"

Lora was looking at me and I was looking at Lora.

"Nona, who is Mrs Castor?"

"A lady, she gave me a beautiful fabric and told me to make a dress with it for her"

"Do you know her?"

"Yeah! She is rich and her house is not far from ours."

"What?" Lora and I shouted together

"Why are you asking Lia?"

"Uhh nothing Nona"

When we arrived home, Lora and I changed ourselves and did our homework so that we are free. After completing them,we watched cartoons and finally it was time for dinner. We went down and Nona  prepared grilled sausages with cheese and salad. What a succulent meal! Lora was loving it. After eating,we went back in my bedroom and started preparing our school bag and went to sleep.

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