Packing up to leave Great Britain.

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So,I close my eye to the old ends and open my heart to new beginnings.~Pinterest

Samantha came to meet me in the hospital.Her eyes were full of tears and she did not know how to console me cause she herself was so hurt about the accident.

"How did that happened?" She asked with tears in her eyes

"I myself don't know !" I replied with regret.

"So how are you going to stay?"

"I am going to my grandma,USA"

"You are leaving me ?"

"That's the only option I have,who is going to look after me?"

"Yah,I can understand but you are going home today isn't it ? "

"You'll have to help me pack up,my flight is in eight hours"

Just then the nurse came to help me get ready .After changing my clothes,I got out of the hospital. Everything felt weird and calm.I hated every scene. Life was so unfair,I hated my life and my whole existence in this world. ''Why didn't I die?"

"Lia stop this nonsense,don't think like this.You know I love you so much and you are an important person in my life"

I got in the police car and I arrived to my destination. I took a long breath and got inside the house. Everything was the same,but the only difference was that mom and dad were not home.I got in my room,Samantha took my clothes out of the wardrobe and started putting them in my bag.
Clothes,shoes,books.....everything was in the bag.I looked at the house carefully a last time and got out. Samantha closed the door and gave the key to the policemen.We got in the car and the policeman started the engine. After half an hour,we were already at the airport,the policeman took the luggage from the boot.He brought me inside and went to talk to a group of guards.
"Thanks Samantha,I don't know how to thank you"

"Why are you thanking me Lia?,we are bestfriends and that's my duty.......goodluck Lia,be brave darling and don't think that when your parents aren't here,you are alone cause you have me,your best friend Samantha is always there for you."

"Thank god I have you,if you weren't here,I would have given up"

We both hugged each other.Samantha gave me a kiss on my cheek. Then some guards came.

"Miss Hilton,this way!" the guard said

I made a goodbye sign to Samantha and turned right.Many people queued up for a check but my case was different as it's the government that paid for my ticket to America.

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