Taking the plane for a better life.

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I'm not giving up,I'm just starting over.~Anonymous
I waited for 2 hours in the airport. My flight was scheduled at 8 pm. It was 7:30 pm in my watch and only thirty minutes left to go.I called Samantha for the last time.
She encouraged me a lot and we promised to be in contact.

Meanwhile it was time for me to go.
I took my backpack and checked my wallet a last time.I got in the plane and sat down. My seat was next to the window.

"All passengers must fasten their seat belts"

I attached mine and saw a girl next to me. She was young but looked a bit sad. After the plane took off , I  couldn't stop myself from crying. Everything happened in a fraction of second. We were happy,going to the shopping mall and suddenly something happened that ruin my life. Just then, the girl spoke to me.

"Are you crying?" the girl said.
"No,I'm not"
"Are you okay?"
"Yah I'm fine"
"By the way, I'm Tessa, nice to meet you"
"I'm Lia,I replied with a weird smile"

Tessa was a nice girl. She tried her best to cheer me up and carried all sort of conversations with me.
Her dad died a week ago due to lung cancer and her mom would only get drunk. So she decided to move to America and continue her life there. She was around her twenties. When I compared her situation to mine, it quite matched.
I told her what happened to my parents and she was sad. Afterall, she knew how it felt but still she motivated me to continue living my life and not give up. The only regret was that I couldn't see my parents one last time,and this made me felt incomplete.
Thank god a girl like Tessa sat next to me. She cracked jokes and surprisingly made me laugh. Her words motivated me and made me feel independent.

"You are very brave,you must thank god for that cause not all people  have the courage to undergo the situation of losing someone so dear." She told me.

When I thought well, even I was shocked cause when mom and dad were here, I would say to myself " I'll kill myself if I lose them." But I didn't do it. That was a sign that I still had interest in living my life happily. But how? by going to America? How are the students in America going to treat me? Will I be able to live happily there? Who is my grandma? I knoe her name but never saw her. Six hours went by thinking of mom and dad, talking with Tessa and questioning myself.

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