Good and bad day.

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"A bad day can tell you more about yourself than a good day."~Andy Ogle

We went down the stairs to go to the canteen, there we saw that many seats were occupied.

"Where shall we sit? there's no place"
Lora said

Just then I saw a table at the corner of the canteen.

"Look! there is an unoccupied seat"

We went there and I placed my books on one of the chair.Just then, Stephanie and Miranda came with a new friend,Katiana.

"Can we sit here?" Stephanie asked.

"Sure!take a seat" Lora replied while munching her sandwhich.

"Hello my name is Katiana,nice to meet you.
How is St Juliet High School?"

"Hello am Lia, am feeling a bit awkward cause it's my first day but am liking my school"

"Don't worry you will be fine" Katiana replied with a beautiful smile on her face.

When I turned, I saw Neil and his friends. They were probably looking for a seat as well. The table I sat consisted of ten seats. Lora,Katiana,Stephanie Miranda and I were already seated and on one chair I placed some books and three places were unoccupied . Neil and his four friends were making their way towards us and without asking me permission, he sat on my books.

"Get up ! You sat on my books"

"So what?" Neil replied

"Neil, for the last time am warning you, STOP ANNOYING ME!"

"Yo girl! Calm's just some books" Jason, one of Neil's friend said

"But why would someone sit on books you stupid?" Miranda replied

"I'm tired and I don't want to stand up so you'll have to wait"

"What a stupid jerk! You are such a spoilt brat and good for nothing. I HATE YOU SO MUCH!" I shouted with anger.

"Don't worry Miss Lia Hilton, this is just the begining. I will make your life miserable!" he said with pride

"Why are you doing this to me?" I asked with anger.

"Do you remember what I said in class? You will pay for that"

"Pay for what?"

"Pay for calling me a jerk,spoilt brat and good for nothing." He said,got up and went away laughing with his friends leaving me sad,angry and hurt.

"Don't worry Lia, we are here for you ! don't mind and ignore him"
Katiana said to encourage me.

I hated Neil Castor more than anything. He ruined my first day but still I didn't give up on living my life happily. I loved my life and my new friends. Miranda,Lora,Katiana and Stephanie made me smile with their jokes. They were very understanding and friendly. The bell rang and we had to go to the lab for Biology. We took our books and headed to the lab and I kept on thinking of someone,...Neil. What if he starts bullying me? But am not scared of him.
I got in the lab and the teacher was not there. Alice's group was looking at me weirdly.

"Look at her, on her first day itself she got in a fight with Neil,one of the most handsome guy that girls love and admire. What a loser!"

"Shut up, Neil is not a perfect human being , he has flaws and Lia talked gently but Neil is a selfish and stubborn guy" Lora replied them frankly

I went to sit,a paper was stuck on the chair on which was written 'loser' and when I turned back, I saw Alice and her friends laughing but I ignored them. The biology teacher came and started his class. I could feel that Neil was looking at me while I was doing my work. After an hour of Biology,we had a free class as the teacher was absent. We made a group and sat down and Stephanie cracked jokes that made me laugh till my eyes were filled with tears.Nailed it! I never laughed so much in my life.

"While my grandma was talking,her fake teeth came out and fell on the ground"and we were rolling on the floor laughing at Stephanie's joke. After that we sang 'Sorry by Justin Bieber',made some drawings (funny) and took some selfies. I had a lot of fun with my new friends but my first day didn't turn out to be exactly the way I wanted it to be . Finally it was nearly time to go home.

"Shall we go to the park?" Lia asked

Miranda,Stephanie and Katiana agreed.

"What about Nono and Nona?" I asked

"I shall inform them"

Lora called Nona and asked whether I could go to the park with her and the others.

"Okay but don't go too far and don't be too late. Call me and I will come to fetch you and Lia."

"Okay Nona....bye" Lora said and showed me a thumbs up to make me know that Nona had agreed.

The bell rang, we took our bags and headed to the park.

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