The sudden tough decision.

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Sometimes,the right thing and the hardest thing are the same~Pinterest
So I had to choose whether I go to my grandma or not.I love staying in UK and now I had to change country,my friends,my school and my house.
Urrrggg! I am so unlucky and I just couldn't stop crying.
One of the policemen asked me the name of my grandmother.

"Lili Joanah Hilton" I replied

"Thanks Miss Lia,I'm very sorry for you but you must be brave, I shall call your grandma and ask her whether she is willing to take care of you, goodbye and take care."

After 2 days, the policeman called and the nurse brought me to the reception and gave me the phone.

"Hello Miss Lia,your grandma accepted to take care of you in America. You shall get going after you are completely okay."

"Ok,thank you."

One week was gone and I had been taking my medecines on time and I felt some improvements. The doctor took the bandage off my forehead and replaced it with another one and yes, I can walk.

"Miss Lia, I'm sure you are feeling better, you are ready to go home now."

"Me going home? How will I do that? I will only think of my parents and it shall be the toughest thing ever to go back to that house."

"I have an idea,do you have a bestfriend?"


"Then tell her to help you pack up."
Just then I took the phone in the cabin and called my bestfriend Samantha.

Lia-"Hello Samantha,it's me
bff- what happened?"
Lia-"I'm in the hospital"
bff-"Whaaat? Is there any problem?
Lia-"Yes,I met with an accident"
bff-When did this happen?how is Mr and Mrs Hilton doing?
Lia-"..They .. are ... dead ...."
bff-(Crying loudly)..... what? You lost your mum and dad?
Lia- "yes...."I said while crying
bff-"I'm coming to meet you in which hospital are you?"
Lia-"City hospital"

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