Project group discussion.

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I woke up early,started getting ready and went down to go to school.

"I'm going Nona"

"Be careful while going"

The night before,I had already discussed about the project with Mike and we were ready to present our project on Japan. When the teacher came,each group had ten minutes to discuss on the country they were given. Well! Everyone did well but Alice seemed a bit too overconfident since she would be presenting with Neil....the boy who is loved by every single girl. The thing that shocked me the most was when Neil was presenting the project.
HOLY CRAP! how can a guy be so attractive?.....he spoke loud enough and used long,difficult words when talking. Alice was admiring him and all the other girls were madly in love with his speech. He ended his speech with a french sentence.

"J'adore la France"

And I can't deny the fact that his French accent is one of the best thing ever,he is already an attractive and handsome boy and the French accent made him more attractive making the girls more in love with him. Alice also made a nice speech but her overconfidence was the reason the teacher deducted three points in her project. Alice was looking at everyones project with a disgusted face and the teacher didn't fail to notice her. Neil was surely dissapointed with the marks and he blamed Alice for that. Then it was mine and Mike's turn. My speech was short and simple.

"Lia you may start" the teacher said


Neil's P.O.V
I felt like killing Alice.....I hate her attitudes. Because of her manners,we lost three points. Oh! Lia and Mike are presenting their project.

"Japan is a well developed country.The capital of Japan known as Tokyo is a crowded capital and a thousands of shrine and temples can be found in Japan. I love Japanese culture,some of their culture includes taking off their shoes before entering their house and praying before eating. We can't deny the fact that Japanese people and the country itself is very clean. Many sushi bars and restaurants can be found"

Wow...I never knew that Lia was so good at presenting. I like the way she was confident. After Mike showed the pictures of Japan and its shrines,buildings and High Schools the teacher started clapping and the students too.

"Wow Lia and Mike...excellent project,I loved it"


Lia's P.O.V

I was shocked when I saw everyone clapping for our project. I knew I would do well but I didn't know that it would be so good and the teacher would love it so much. I smiled,thanked everyone and went to sit. The teacher gave everyone's score. Mine and Mike's was 10 out of 10, Alice and Neil's score was 8 out of 10. The best groups were Lora's,Katiana's,mine, Alice's Stephanie's and Miranda's.


There were many best groups since, many scored ten and eight marks which is indeed a great job.

"Okay! I'm really happy for the best groups and the prize will be camping for a week after your exams." The teacher said and went

Wow! Everyone jumped happily.

Just then the bell rang and Miranda,Stephanie and Katiana came.
The hugged me tightly and congratulated me.

"Let's go in the garden" Stephanie said

"I can't tell you how much I'm happy Lia

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"I can't tell you how much I'm happy Lia...we'll be together in a tent singing and dancing" Lora said happily

"Uh! You are having a chance to hang out with your crush since you presented the project with him take advantage of it." Stephanie said to tease Lora

"OH COME ON! No one can take my friends' place. I prefer spending time with you all afterall I don't think he'll want to stay with me, I think the boys will make a group where they will stay together." Lora replied

"Whatever girls...we don't have to forget about exams since they are approaching, are you all ready?" Miranda asked

Frankly speaking,I was stressed.. what would I do for the exams? Will I pass? I'm not a brilliant student....and when it comes to maths, I'm the most stupid girl ever. What do I do? I guess Nona must be having a lot of expectations on me....and I can't dissapoint her.....OH! could I forget him? If I ask him will he accept? Only two weeks are left till exams.


"Oh Nona is calling"

Hello Nona
-"Hello Lia...just to inform you,I'll be with Mrs Castor this afternoon,come there directly"
-"I'm at Mrs Castor's place for the dresses"

"What happened?" Lora asked

"Uh! Nona called to ask if I was doing fine" I lied to them cause I didn't want them to know that I would be going to Neil's place.

"Oh! Okay"

That would be the perfect time to ask Neil if he could help with the maths revision. But will he accept? Well nevermind..I'll try.

The bell rang and we went in class for English. It was time to go home.



"I'm coming with you"

"Uh! Why?"

"Nona is with Mrs Castor"


"My driver is not coming to fetch me today.. I want to walk"

" you wish"

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