My first friend,Lora

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"Friends are know first in hardships."Japanese quote


After half an hour ,we arrived our destination. When Nono opened the gate, a lady,her husband and a young girl probably their daughter came out to meet us. The young girl was good-looking with grey eyes, blond hair and flawless skin.

"Hey Lilli, it's been a long time since we've met again"

"Yes Olivia , these days I was busy preparing Lia's room "

"Lia? oh yes!
Your granddaughter"

"Hello Lia and welcome to New York City!,Are you enjoying your stay here?" Mrs Malone asked

"USA is awesome" I replied shyly even though I was still sad thinking of England.

"Hi Lia ! you can go with Lora in her room." Mr Malone said.

I could see Lora smiling at me and telling me to come, I followed her.
She brought me inside her house. It was the most beautiful house I had ever seen in my life. There were three bedrooms,two bathroom(one upstairs and the second one downstairs),her kitchen was like a bar and her living room was well designed with beautiful paintings of Buddha,her sofas were made of leather and there was a Samsung Smart TV. Her room was pink, her furniture was black and many posters of superstars were stuck on her wall. Looking at their luxurious house,you could say they were rich people with good choice.

"Sit down Lia, so my name is Lora Malone, I'm fourteen years old and I love singing, dancing, reading and shopping. How about you?"

"My name is Lia Hilton,I'm fourteen years old and I love reading,singing, dancing and watching cartoons."

" Will you be coming to school with me tomorrow?"

"Yes, I'm really nervous"

"Don't worry, they are all nice,well not all but you will be able to adjust with time. Surely know that there is a group, Alice's group. This girl is not so kind so don't talk too much with her and her friends cause I'm 101% sure that they will insult you."

"Uh! Will they insult me?"

"It depends on you, if you know how to protect yourself, they won't be able to say bad things to you but if you are shy,they will take advantage of that manner of yours and start bullying you. So you should be brave!!"


Nona's words were true, Lora was a very friendly girl. She was a perfect girl with attitude,class and good manners.

"Lia,did I tell you about Neil Castor,the arrogant boy?"

"Arrogant boy?"

"He is handsome,rich and intelligent but very arrogant. He is not so friendly with girls but girls die for him. He is perfect but his arrogant manner doesn't attract me. He comes to school by car(BMW) and sometimes in his bicycle and has a personal driver to drop and come pick him." Lora said

"So much privilege?" I asked

"His dad is a businessman" Lora replied.

Lora and I sang many songs,danced and Lora made a drawing(animes)for me and we both had lots of fun together.

"Lia ! Lia come down we are going."Nona shouted

"Coming Nona" I replied

"Bye Lia, see you tomorrow "

"Bye Lora take care."

Lora and I went down. She greeted Nono and Nona and I got in the car. Meanwhile,it was already 4 pm.
When we arrived at home, Nona had some stitchings to do,Nono went for an afternoon walk with his old friend and I was in my room.I stuck Lora's drawing on the wall and started preparing my school bag for tomorrow. I was nervous and all sorts of thinkings came in my mind. I had mixed feelings. How is the first day gonna be? How will others  treat me? But whatever,I had to be strong.
I kept on being positive and hoped for the best.

I kept on being positive and hoped for the best

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