Day out with my skateboarder.

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Neil's P.O.V

Behind the so-called perfect life everyone thinks I live,there are some problems I face. My father came back from his business trip, didn't even bother asking how I had been doing these days. My father is so ignorant,I had always wanted to spend more time with him, watch football matches together but he is so into work that he forgets that he has a family. "Money doesn't buy happiness"
Mom hides that these things bother her but she can't hide it from me. She was crying and I had to know the reason behind her tears.
Lia's P.O.V

Woke up after a shattering dream.
It was clearly Neil in the dream
staring at me with his big eyes. They were dark and looked like he was hiding things,many things.I kept asking him what was the matter,he kept staring at me. I'll call him, it might not be a good idea but I'll still do it.

Neil- Hello
Lia-Hello Neil...I know I disturbed you but...but I need to meet you.Let's meet somewhere no one will notice.
Neil- I'm busy bye's important please don't take it for granted.
Neil- Ok. let's meet near near the old building,I'll bring my skateboard.
Lia- I don't know how to ride a skateboard...
That was so cold,well at least he accepted.
No one was home as usual,I called nona to inform her that I was going out. She told me to be careful.

I opened the door
"I brought you a skateboard"Neil told me while handling me a black skateboard with bright yellow and purple design on the edges.

"Where did you get it?" I asked curiously

"I had a spare one at home,it's my old skateboard which I don't use anymore"

"I don't know how to ride it Neil"

"I'll teach you then"

Can I say that was the cutest thing I had ever seen? Definitely was not expecting this from Neil but that idiot made my day.
I blushed and gave him a big smile.
He looked at me and raised one of his eyebrows and smiled back. The fact that he looked like he was in a good mood made me calm after the weird dream I had this morning.

"Get on the skateboard,put one of your feet out and gently push it back,that's all for today. Try it but be careful !"

I hesitated at first but as soon as I placed my feet on it,it rolled back and I instantly knew that I was about to fall on my face and that I would need stitches for my lips but...hopefully Neil quickly placed his muscled arms round my waist and held me to stop this horrible accident.

"I told you to be careful,it's important you know how to balance yourself on it."he told in a soft tone

I placed my feet again,Neil held me and pushed me by my shoulders while I felt my feet slide back and finally he let my shoulders. I felt like a bird flying in the sky. I then stopped,turned and went back towards Neil. He looked satisfied on seeing me happy on the skateboard with a big smile on his face. His dimples were so deep and that made him look even cuter. I instantly became a fangirl. I would never feel so happy around him,today things were different.

"We can go now Neil"

I felt amazed by the way I was able to manage riding on a skateboard after being taught only once. I felt cooler and when I looked at Neil next to me,he looked like a hero,my hero? Nah nah .... white t-shirt,grey slim jeans,white Stan Smith and a galaxy printed jacket just then I noticed that I was wearing grey pullover,black pants and galaxy snickers which matched his jacket, Oooooooooohhhh nooooo....I was so distracted that I was about to bump into a bin.

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