First one

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5:00 P.M

"Welcome home,how was it?" Nona asked as soon as she opened the door.

"It was cool,I loved it." Lora replied happily and gave Nona a big hug.

Everyone was happy and this made me happy too.

"We are going to refresh Nona."Neil said and we all followed.

"Who will shower first?" Niall asked and we all looked at each other blankly.

"Me" Lora shouted and Niall followed.

"Where are you going?"Lora asked curiously

"Take your bath while I clean my braces,don't worry I won't peep.I'll clean it real quick."

"Promise you won't peep." Lora said and we all laughed.

"Damn Lora, I already told you I won't."

As soon as Lora and Niall went to the washroom,Neil pushed me in the cushion corner and I fell.

"Neiiilll,what's wrong with you?"

Just then he made me sit on his lap while facing me and hugged me while he closed his eyes and rested on my shoulder.I gave him a slow back pat and massaged his head.He suddenly felt chills.



"Will everything be okay?"

"Yes Neil, if you are facing this bad side you'll surely face a good one with time." I replied and continued patting his back gently as if he was a baby boy.

"Do I have someone by my side?"

"You have me." I replied

Just then he looked at me and slowly touched my lips.

"I would love to kiss them." he whispered

"Do what you love." I whispered back

He kissed me and I froze.

"I love you"

*oh my god oh my god is he serious did he just?? What do I do? what do I reply?*

"I love you too"I replied and blushed after some seconds of silence.

"When should I visit my mom?"

"Let's go tomorrow itself." I suggested

Just then Niall and Lora opened the door.

"Niall should we go to meet mom tomorrow?"

"Yes,i'm in."

"Can I come too?" Lora asked

"Yes." Niall replied

"Okay fine we don't need to get up too early tomorrow."I said and Nona brought food in my room.

"I made chips and panini today,enjoy your meal."

"Nona with us." Neil requested and I looked at him with the in love expression.

"No kids,have fun with the one your age,I'm too old to fit." she said and laughed

"Nona,we really want you and Nono to dine together with us today." Niall and Lora said.

"Fine fine,I'm calling Nono then."

We all sat in my big balcony and ate dinner together.I loved how my days and nights were going.The unexpected meeting,the gift session,the suddenly going to the supermarket part,the New York city outing,my first kiss..everything was going so smoothly and I hoped that as soon as I noticed it,things don't start changing.

After eating:
Nona brought the plates down and we helped her clean the dishes and Niall & Lora were already upstairs since they had finished their part in the kitchen.


Lora's P.O.V

"So you never had a girlfriend?"I asked shocked

"Nope, I never met one that was my type"

"I have some more questions,can I ask them but please don't mind and if you don't feel like answering you may tell me."

"Go on"

"Where is your mom and dad?"

"Dad left the house to stay with another bitch cause apparently he is never satisfied.What a piece of crap he is,I can't even believe he is my father.After he did that,Bro and I saw changes in mom's behavior.Actually my mom is so affected by this that she could easily self harm and she started getting hyper and now she is undergoing a treatment in the Mental Asylum...."he replied with tears starting to form in his eyes.

He did what he could to stop them from flowing but in vain.

"Niall please,don't cry." I said as I hugged him and gave him a forehead kiss and he looked at me with admiration. I don't know why I feel that I had already met him before. It's a feeling of déjà -vu.

"I had that one friend when I was small and I would always cry in her arms like this whenever I was upset or my parents had a fight.Too bad I never asked her name."he said and giggled

"Oh" waiiiiit whaaaaat?

"Was it at the park where it rained most of the time?"I asked curiously

"Near the Tal Family's mansion."we both said together and started jumping joyfully

"It's you! finally"I said and he hugged me tightly

"I won't let you go now"he cried

As soon as we turn,Lia and Neil are watching the scene with awe.

"Do you know each other since long time back?" Lia asked

"Yes we would meet most of the tine in the park when we were 8 where we played and shared secrets but never asked each other's name."

"why?" Neil asked

"I guess we don't even know,she was my only friend when I was small but I was so bad at communicating and expressing when I was younger."

"You were a total nerd."I said and everyone laughed out loud.

"Let's sleep now"


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