Hospital,the place I always hated.

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"And in a blink of an eye,everything can change"~Tumblr
All I could see was a dim light,doctors here and there and suddenly Black out. After six hours I woke up,I could not move and felt pain everywhere. The only thing I could do was stare at the ceiling."Why am I here?"
"Mum,Dad is anyone here ?". Some nurses came inside and their face changed seeing me.

"Oh my god ! Sister call the doctor and tell him to come quickly,Oh my Jesus I just can't believe this."one of the nurse cried with happiness.

"What happened ?" the doctor asked while entering.

"This girl just talked ! This means that she is feeling better and everyone had gave up upon her but still she is fine,what a miracle! "

Even the doctor was shocked.

"Where is mum and dad? bring me to meet them."

"Uhh dear,rest for sometimes and later on I will tell them to come see you ! "

I agreed and after a few minutes,I fell asleep.

"Mom... dad a lorry,it's a lorry.. turn left no right dad stop stooooooop stooooooooooop"

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I shouted and as I opened my eyes, I saw that it was already day.
"Are you okay ? You must have had a nightmare"the nurse said and turned back to prepare my breakfast.

"Here is your breakfast ! I shall feed you."
I got up and sat down in the correct way. "Ouchh my legs hurt"

"Slowly slowly "she said and started feeding me.

After eating, she helped me sit down on a wheelchair and brought me to the doctor's cabin.

"What is your name ? "
Lia I answered.

"So Lia, I shouldn't be telling you this right now but I can't hide it from you for too long.Your,your parents are no more !"

"What nonsense ? they cannot leave,that's not possible! "

"I'm sorry but it's true ! It's traumatic but you need to be courageous dear !"

"I'm sorry but it's true ! It's traumatic but you need to be courageous dear !"

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