Dealing or giving up?

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My mind told me to find out what was going on but my heart kept telling me to give up. But since her motive is to hurt me, I have to take action. I walked to the classroom and saw Alice together with her group.

"Damn.... look who is here Alice baby"one of the girls told Alice

"I told you not to call me baby"


"Alice,I have to talk to you"

"Ain't got time to listen to your shitty paste,you can go"

"I need an explanation for everything you did earlier"

"What did I do?" Alice asked with an innocent face and started laughing loudly

"I'm not joking Alice"

"Listen Lia, the fun of bullying you will evade if I tell you the reason. Let me enjoy hurting you."

"Why would you enjoy doing this to me? What's gotten into for a sudden change like that?"

"Can you just do me a favor and leave?" Alice said rudely

Not accepting the way I was being treated, I went away from there.
It felt like I was being taken for granted. Just then I thought of my mom's words

"Lia darling, don't easily trust and expect. The more you trust easily,the more consequences you'll have to pay. Try not to expect from people cause you'll be disappointed each and every-time.
Also, don't forget that people change over time so don't think you'll be treated the same way you  are treated each time."

I missed mom and I badly needed a hug from her. Where can I find her? Where can I see her?
I guess I'll never see her. I felt so weak that I was on my knees alone in the corridor, fed up with all the problems I had to deal with. As if I had no rights to enjoy my teenage life.
Neil's P.O.V
A girl can't make me so weak. Lia drives me crazy, I can't concentrate in her presence. I forget my dreams and goals when I'm with her. Since she came, my grades kept on decreasing. I'm the genius and I must always keep this title. That is why I have to ignore Lia. I have big aims and if Lia's presence makes it hard for me to reach my aims, ignoring her is the best solution.
Lia's P.O.V
This is getting serious now....I must do something to stop this.
I must change into a bold girl,I can't keep on tolerating this.

"Hey Nona....I'm back"

"How was your day Lia baby?"

"It was fine" (Not fine at all)

I went to my room,opened the door to my balcony and sat on the corner where I had kept all my cushions.That is the place where I sit and do everything.
I'm dealing with such a bad phase in my life.
Looks like they are having a good time doing this to me. Well,things will change from now on.'

THE NEXT DAY "Oh look who is here Alice"One of Alice's girls said

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"Oh look who is here Alice"
One of Alice's girls said.

" Hey Lia ! look at your face, looks like you cried? but baby  I hope you cry even more" Alice said and giggled

"Thanks for asking Alice...but I don't cry for bullshit. Have a nice day" I said with a smile

Alice looked confused. Just then her friends came and they started gossiping. Must be talking about me but who cares. The fact that I felt confident made me happy. After-all, I can't let some girls spoil my mood.

Alice's plot
"Girls,we should keep on teaching her a lesson...but how?"

"What if I put my cell phone in her bag?"

"That's a good idea"
In class

"What are you looking for Alice?"

"I can't find my phone...where is it? "

"You need help Alice?"

"Yes Mrs Robinson,I can't find my phone"

"It would be a good decision to check everyone's bag" One of the girls said

"Ok Students,open yours bags for a quick check."

I felt something was fishy at that moment itself. If Alice and her friends are involved,something must be in their mind. What if I check my bag before it's my turn?.

Just then I felt something vibrate in my third pocket. I quickly checked my third pocket and saw Alice's phone. While everyone was busy, I stood up to go throw something in the bin when I dropped the phone in Alice's widely opened bag while she was in front with the teacher helping her to check the bags. I purposely put my phone in the third pocket and I had a good reason to. My phone cover and Alice's phone cover was nearly the same.

Only three students and it would be my turn. I took my bag and went to the teacher and placed it on her table. Alice had a wicked smile on her face.

"I see a phone in the third pocket"

"Oh that's my phone Mrs Robinson...Lia stole it"

At that moment, there was a complete silence with weird faces staring at me in class.

"I knew it Mrs Robinson...I knew it...I knew she was the on--"

"Calm down Alice and stop accusing.Can't you see it's Lia's phone?"

Alice's face instantly became pale.

"Lia's phone? Are you kidding me? can't you clearly see that the phone is mine?"

"Ok...Prove it then" the teacher said with a higher tone

Alice could not unlock the phone which made the teacher doubt even more,so I unlocked it for her.
She looked at me full of anger. She went in my album to check the pictures. She clearly knew it was my phone but to avoid the embarrassment,she was acting as if she knew nothing.

"Are you done proving Alice?" the teacher asked while staring at her

While the teacher was busy scolding Alice for being rude to her and me, I was looking at Neil.
Neil....the boy who used to tease me,joke with me,bring me to ice-cream parlor,the boy whom everyone loved his wealth but there was something else that would keep attracting me towards him. He looked depressed,had huge dark circle,his hair looked like he hadn't washed it for weeks.
I just hoped that he was not going through hard times.

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