The New York city tour.

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"You are exactly where you need to be."~Anonymous

Lia!wake up darling it's time!"

"Umm five minutes more !"

"Come on princess...wake up, I have a surprise for you so get up take a shower and be the most stylish girl you can ever be."

"Ok Nona"

I seriously was not in the mood of being stylish but still I woke up,went to the bathroom and after brushing my teeth, I took a shower and felt very fresh.I had a feeling that this Sunday would be exellent. After taking a shower,I went to my wardrobe.

"What do I wear?"

I was about to wear a pair of jeans but when I saw the sun shining outside,I chose a dress. A white dress with colourful flower print on it,a pair of pink sneakers and the gold chain with a fairy pendant that mum had given me on my birthday. I went down to Nona who was in the kitchen making coffee for Nono.

"Goodmorning Nono and Nona"

"Goodmorning daughter"

" are looking gorgeous Lia."

"Thanks Nona"

I had a slice of bread with strawberry jam and a glass of homemade juice. Nona was looking chic in her shorts (knee level),a beautiful T-shirt on which ''NYC" was written in bold and her pair of sneakers. Nono wore a black T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.
Both looked so cute together.

"Let's get going now."Nono said

Nona and I got in the car and this time it's Nono that sat on the driver's seat.

"Has everyone fastened their seat belts?"


Nono started driving , the weather was perfect, a blue sky and the sun shining brightly.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"Starbucks then to my cousin's place."
Nona said.

What is 'Starbucks'? I heard about that but I never went there.

"You will meet a girl at my cousin's place, her name is Lora and she is very friendly."

"Lora?oh that's great then,am getting a friend!"

Nono stopped the car and told us to get out, meanwhile he was searching for a place in the parking to park his car.

" Ah! Nono is coming "

We got inside, wow! it smelled like a mixture of coffee,chocolate and caramel.

"What are you taking ? "

"Uhhh.. anything containing chocolate"

"Okay" Nona said

Nona had already paid and she was bringing the Starbucks. There were three of them, chocolate flavour,coffee flavour and caramel flavour. The chocolate was mine,the coffee was for Nono and the caramel was for Nona.I was so excited to taste Starbucks for the first time.

"This tastes so good"

"So you like it Lia?"

"Yes Nona,I love this so much"

The heavenly taste of chocolate relaxed my senses. It reminded me of all the happy moments Samantha and I used to have in Uk before I came to NYC.
I enjoyed every sip of my Starbucks. Just then nono stood up.

"We should go now."

We got in the car to go to Nona's cousin's place.

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