The Lights on the Windowpane

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I am staring at them, blankly. The cars are moving in a steady traffic. My thoughts are wading in a sorrowful current against the streamline of the blinking, yellow lights. I am swimming in hypnotism. I am currently lost in the state of reality.

They are moving steadily and in orderly numbers. They look planned and organized. Is this a trap? It is a dazzle in my eyes, no, perhaps a visual orchestra.

The beacons on the top of the tall poles, the orbs of mystic that flare on the still panes, the dancing hues of beams playing on the side road…they are all masterpieces jumping on my sight in its senseless wandering.

I am numb. My spirit fades along with the light that bides. I just want this spectral punishment to end. I just want to escape in this endless swimming. I just want the lights to stop, to end and to fulfil my pain…

…I then, sleep.

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