The Vervous Belief

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"Never stop planning and doing."

An implemented law of mine, the quote is a rule to follow in my whole life obeying the plan of self-disciple and productivity which I know will lead to greater paths.

 A plan a day is the best scheme one can form. It's the most effective and efficient way of living as work is settled step by step rather than just following instinct by reaction and time. The Vervous belief states that; every plan has its own consequence. A plan mustn't go to waste, it must be formed and executed in the most appropriate time as possible. The plan doesn't involve delays and procrastination; it's the biggest hindrance of all. It must be done accordingly and properly, with all the steps laid down in the ground like directions and rules. One doesn't simply break it, as disobedience leads to failure in compliance and deadline.

 Self-discipline is really important; it's maintenance of our self and at the same time a conditioning for the better. Self-discipline is self-respect. The Vervous belief is also driven by a goal not less than a dream. It's a reachable goal and a possible dream, a motivation towards the top and satisfaction. It must be unwavering and solid. It must be clear and the path must be always prepared. Hopes and courage must not falter nor fade. The belief must be always strong and standing still.

 Living with a rule is the same with living with a chosen path. It's disciplined and sure and you know where you'll always be going and gone.

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