Werewolf, Werewolf Where Are Thou?

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Her golden hair flowed like a silver stream

Her skin shone under the dancing moonlight

Her eyes clear as a bright sapphire

A watcher behind the trees trailed silently

Such beauty he can’t resist

Such a woman he can’t possess

The wandering beauty pranced in the woods

Bathing under the stars

Her silver dress gleamed

In the darkness she sparkled

In the watcher’s eyes, he’s tempted

The woman leisured carefully, holding her torch as a guide and weapon

The watcher stayed lurking, holding back his urges just to go on

The brave woman goes deeper

The stalker becomes a thinker

Why such a woman let herself be alone in such a place?

The old trees towered casting great shadows

The thick bushes formed a wall of narrow

The path to take is to the heart

Where the lake is found, a nocturnal art

The courageous woman must be out of her mind

What it is she seeks and what will she find?

She arrived at the lake, the black waters were silent

A stagnant mirror it remain, reflecting the malevolent

She paused at the edge of the lake

Looking around for a sign of wake

Then she shouts in the middle of the night

Her words gave the stalker a surge of fright

“Werewolf, Werewolf, where are thou?”

She calls like it’ll return

She lights a bush for it to burn

Like a signal for a call

The smoke goes to the night ball

The watcher’s chest pounded as he watches the smoke

The woman’s courage was sure no joke

The clouds shifted away from the moon

The full pledge lunar is the stalker’s boon

The beauty is summoning me, he thought

The beauty in his front is all he can sought

But he’s afraid, he’s uncontrollable

His savagery and bloodlust is inconceivable

The woman calls again, but this time the moon did the same

The white eye gazed and caught the guilty, the one to blame

He felt cold, his skin pierced by ice

The lunar stare cut through his soul

His alter ego cried inside, the murderous ghoul

Hair raised, body is hunching

Eye became slits, growls became haunting

Talons appeared, jaws are grinding

He’s losing his mind, the evil is binding

The wandering woman was the last thing in his head

He tried to control himself in the shadows to keep stead

He smelled meat, his hunger peaked

Soon his conscience will be utterly nicked

As the smoke rose and the flames continued to burn

The clouds dissolved as the moon shone in turn

The woman called again, her last words are heard

The howling reply was then frighteningly heard

A cry so shaking

A beauty for the taking

The man became the beast

A curse he can’t resist

What will happen now?

He broke his only vow

Losing his grip and conscience too

The last words he heard are, “Werewolf, Werewolf, is that thou?”

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