The Devil's Jape

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The shrill and piercing laugh rang in my ears. His voice echoed inside the room, filling the atmosphere with his cruel amusement. What's funny? He only smiled, baring those yellow teeth and revealing his pale gums. His sour skin and piercing, cold black eyes boring in me like an old drill digging slowly into my soul. He laughed raucously as the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. My skin prickled as goose bumps creep up in my arms. I sat frozen in the spot, trying to comprehend the man's jest.

"What are you trying to say?" I said finally after that seems to be an eternal laugh. My tongue nearly tried to gag me in my nervousness. The man licked his black lips maliciously not removing the wicked smile on his face. He drawled after being full of himself, "Of what use of having someone you when you can have everyone? I'll daresay, you're wasting your life."

He blinked slowly with that permanent smile. I remained unperturbed by his words but still nervous in my seat as his message tries to sink to me, "I...I don't understand."

The man got off my desk and paced behind me, his light hands playing in my shoulder grasping it lightly as he stood behind me. I'm still facing the wall with my clenched fists feeling the cold beads of sweat in my face. I can feel his warm breath on my nape as he whispers in my ear, "You're a fool."

There was a loud creak as the man lay down in my bed disturbing the steady springs of the mattress. I stood up slowly and looked at him; the black tuxedo and sleek black hair gleamed under the bedroom's light. He lay there arrogantly with his hand supporting his head, still flashing his amused smile at me.

"This is what I want," I finally replied, understanding his tale he said a while back.

"Oh don't you remember what happened to the man?" He answered back with raised brows, "It was too late until he realized he'll die with regrets."

"I know. He didn't take those chances that are given to him that's why he was full of regrets, that's the lesson right? Or does it mean anything else?"

The man just smiled at me.

"Are you saying I'm like that man? Oh sorry, but I'm doing what I want."

The man laughed again, rolling in my bed while clutching his stomach. He rolled over in his content like I've said a very funny joke. I just watched him puzzled again, as he poised himself.

"What amuses me is that you're always denying what you want most."

I stared at him, appalled, "Denying? I'm sorry?"

His smile was still unmovable but his eyes became colder like deep, hollow tunnels, "I know what you want. I know what your heart desires most."

I stood still. The words, the sudden laughs, this person or whoever is he that suddenly appeared in my room is trying to get inside of me. My tension started to leave me as I've felt challenged suddenly. Then I laughed.

"You know my-what? So you're like a psychic or something?"

Maybe it was foolish that I laughed. It sounded almost stupid and crazy. Maybe I'm the one who's crazy...talking to a stranger in my room.

It was a normal school day. The classes were a drag as usual. Dismissal and meeting her was the only thing I hoped for the whole day. When the class ended I took my girlfriend home with the fresh laughs and jokes we always share. It was always her who brightens up my boring day.

Then I came home into my room and began surfing the internet. Suddenly, someone spoke behind me. It what this man; I was alone in my room when I entered but I was too slow to react. There was something weird, something so...vile about this man. The tuxedo of his and that creepy and wicked smile that never left his long face, it was all malignant in a mysterious way. When he speaks, I couldn't do anything but to stay in my seat and stare at him fixedly. There was some feeling, an aura he wears that ate all my questions and surprise that made me to not move but listen to the man intently. Without any introductions, the man tells a story.

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