A Conversation

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"It's nicer to have you back you know."

"By the way, if you have someone new...tell me immediately so I'll stop expecting and waiting...I'll be glad for you just so you know.."

"That goes without saying. I mean you don't have to tell me that. Of course I will."

"Thank you...and I hope this goes without saying...my heart is only dedicated to you."

"Are you even sure about that?"

"Why the doubts? Why aren't you sure about me?"

"Its not whether am sure about you, but are you sure with yourself about that? Maybe something is blinding you right now..."

"Why? I couldn't see any reason why I'm being blinded..."

"Because you're a young man."

"We are young. If we talk, I'll elaborate to you how life and love must be a masterpiece. You work hard for it to be perfect and the good thing is...you'll never stop working. Why? Because nothing's perfect you know that...that's love how should be."

"Makes me laugh...the irony. We don't speak of that word back then."

"Sounds like a joke to you?"

"Nah. It's the irony..."

"Oh, don't think about back then. But of course, you can't help it..."

"Did you at least learn your life lesson from me?"

"I think I'll just prove it. But you never know at least you give me the chance..."

"My question was answerable by yes or no. Anyway..."

"Are you giving me the chance right now? Why the question then?"

"Oh man, the fact that I started talking to you again after our talk means I have never really dumped you. I know what you want from me...all these are chances."

"And don't ask me anymore if I learn. You know that I'm giving everything to you yet you're not taking it all."

"Do you have any regrets? Or some things that you think you should've done the other way?"

"The things I should've done? Well I've done it and doing it now! You know I regret taking you for granted. You have me and I had you in every way...worst to best that's why here I am. We got nothing else to prove or to discover...we have our differences, yes...but you know what i'm talking about. We are just one and I know it."

"...I don't know what to say."

"Take your time. Feelings always go without sayings."

"I am taking my time. Feelings come and go without warning, yes?"

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