The Very Unfeminist Female Categorization

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They’re the most misunderstood, unexpected and surprising creature here on the biological footprints of planet Earth; the female humans. No one truly understands them and fortunately, many do appreciate them. They’re the embodiment of an emotional temperament and behavioral turbulence. They’re the huge dent on the psychological universe and the flaw on the greatest beauty itself. Many have also tried but they’re never accurate. One will not always be right on categorizing them.

Count me in to those kinds of people but hey, I’ll still do it by the way.

Terms for categorizing:

Style: stereotype appearances.

Level: judgment.

Compared to: for easier elaboration.

Quote: most likely, the outline of their goals in life.

Description: general deeds.           

For example: an exact representation.

Let’s get into it.

1. Clair

Styleshirts, skinny jeans, etc.

Level: innocent.

Compared to: a wallflower.


“Stick, learn and live by the rules.”


She’s that girl who says “ew” whenever something pornographic comes up. She’s that weird chic who never had any proper relationship with a guy because she was never involved in one. She’s the one who grew up through the teachings of the church and by the warnings of home and the society. She never tried any more fashionable clothes because of the fear of exclusion and insecurity. She’s just trying to be normal, period.

For example: that girl in your high school class whose face you always remember but her name is just a spontaneous blur in your mind. 10% existence.

2. Joey

Style: layered hair, tee shirts, skinny Jeans, non-jewellery bracelets and necklace, etc.

Level: normal…so far.

Compared to: a guy.


“Girls will be boys, must be boys and sometimes, girls again.”


She’s the one who tries to be unique but at the same time, be complaced on the other sex if possible. Equipped with a rock playlist and guy-like lingo and actions?  They’re the potential guy’s bestriend and the ones you’ll find in a guy’s pack. Of course, they’re not tomboys, they’re just boyish, obviously. Oh, they’re also a friendzone machine (warning for guys who are thinking to fall for them).

For example: Remember the girl who bruised your arm because of her behavioral punching? How about the person who crosses your mind when you see a rather unfamiliar song in your rock playlist? Yep, she’s the one.

3. Veronica

Style: Blond/brown hair, fit blouse, mini-skirts/shorts, some trendy handbag or shoe, etc.

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