A Child

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Ever wondered how it’s like to have one? Those stories and sayings you are hearing; they are not enough.

Nonetheless, they are true. It is a burden of surprise. To have one unexpectedly is to get something from the store, give it to the counter, and know its price and then realizing your money is not enough to buy that product. The worst part is, you cannot return it and you have to pay for it your whole lifetime.

The feeling of having a child will never be understood by words. It is heavier and a balance-shifter. A thing so heavy your life will be altered in many ways and will never be the same again. It is a responsibility, a commitment that is priceless but never effortless. It is a living ghost, a haunter that will knock on your doorstep, windows and walls forever.

That is a child. He/she will be a blessing in disguise and a burden in a wrapper.

Remember that it is not an item from the store. It is another life you will have. Treasure and bear your child than any other else in the world.

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