Lifehacks101: Making Yourself Happy (Somehow)

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We all experienced being down for some instances and it’s not pretty right? Being down is maybe ugly but recovering is uglier. Why make the whole issue the ugliest?

Let’s just make everything pretty.

1. Recreate

-watch movie, write an article, draw something, play video games, go outside, hang out with your friends; recovering depends on your lifestyle; just don’t do activities that could bring you down more.

2. Rejuvenation

-clean your body, clean your house or clean your mind. Don’t sober up and become a rag. Clean yourself and look better instead of worse. Cleaning your house or room also helps a lot while training your thinking with a new mind-set or finding your spirituality again is the best rejuvenation. It’s making a whole new you.

3. Return, Rethink and Rediscover

-after all of those escapades, training and forgetting you’ve done, it’s time to return, rethink and rediscover. Take time to contemplate again with your mind clear and your emotions neutral. You’ll realize better things and discover lessons you thought aren’t. Everybody share blame in mistakes.

4. Reborn

-being secured is being happy and contentment couldn’t bring us any more happiness. After accepting all of what happened and securing all those emotions, it’s the right and final time to be really happy and be reborn.

I hope this will help and make you happy, somehow.

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