Love is A Masterpiece

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It must be perfect, it must be sought

One must work hard so it mustn't be a naught

One must keep trying

Both must keep on working

To perfection, to its extension

To its creation, no evasion

To the imperfections of each other

Challenges won't be a bother

Acceptance of the best

Feelings must not rest

Life is the huge test

The mold and the art's bless

Craftsmanship of the heart

The soul's wondrous art

Paint it, draw it, sew it

Mold it, visualize it, make it

Canvas is the time to be filled in

The plain white sheet to draw in

Weave through the texture of happenings

Memories and the color of blessings

Sing, the tune of the heart's hymn

Beauty of the spirit's whim

Perfect is true, the most beautiful

Beautiful is love, the most grateful

Against all odds, lovers' secure

One true love, it is the pure

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