The Lesson of the Boat Making

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"Do not teach a man how to build a boat. Instead, show him the sea."

Discovery has been long since eluding man since the earliest of its times. Today, everything has been spoonfeed. The present time, the age of discovery, is also men's slow downfall. With our current knowledge, we became confident to the point of being comfortable.

Men have been building boats through the teachings of other men. They build and finish it without even seeing the sea. Their reliance to teachings has brought them to that level.

The world is vast yet men made it smaller for them. Sadly, I am talking about the old men. The new men, however, inherited that world and accepted its borders without even question. They confided themselves immediately inside those walls and never attempted to extend it or just to look beyond it. The ambition died inside that very world they are living in.

They know the sea perhaps. They know how to build and use the boat. But do they know how large and many the sea is?

Discovery is never finished. The line created everytime a new one is discovered is just a mark for somebody else to find and continue. It is endless, boundless, limitless and borderless. Knowledge is men's greatest question for it everytime it is answered, another one will be left unanswered.

Explore the seas. One might discover a new one but there will be always a sea for you. Never use the boat of others. Use the one you invented and you will never know; you may also be teaching other men how you made your own boat.

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