Substantial Value of the Existential Consciousness

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Existence. Presence. Essence.

Life means existence, but to exist is to be conscious and to be known, to do work and have purpose. It’s the second purpose of life: to exist.

Presence: a vital ingredient of life. One of the most important trait of living and the one you must build with. To be present is to interact and to interact is to contribute. Scientifically speaking, life is a system, an organized structure that every part must function properly and continuously.

Essence: the sole purpose of life. To live essentially is to live truly. Your existence will only live up to other’s presence if you consider the essence. Life as a system is also dynamic. Change is constant, it never changes and never ending. The true essence is to go with that flow. Appreciate it and live with it.

How high is your substantial value of the existential consciousness? Do you appreciate everyone you know? Are you aware that they’re important than how they appeal to you? Is it much? Or less? What it is the true value of a person you’ve known in your life?

Yes, it mystifies me more than I can ever wonder that even barely knowing someone can insert such a presence to your life. I’ve been conscious then ever since. She’s just a stranger back then, but now such an important person to exist. She successfully entered my life, slipping her presence and making me aware of her existence. What surprise me is that I’ve never thought that she would never though I don’t know that much.

People do have different values of the existential consciousness. Yes, we measure people and weigh them to our priorities if they’re worthy or not. Some just really surprise us that even the littlest, unexpected person you’ve just known a while back will introduce such impact in your life.

And yes, the true value of others is unknown and will always be constantly changing throughout life. There will be no exact calculations but always hidden equations to discover.

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