Guy's Guide: For the One Who Can't Understand

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Admit it, there are so many instances where you can’t understand a woman. Seriously? You really think you can’t understand her? These are the real reasons and problems why you can’t understand your woman.

1. Feelings might be clouding you.

-if you’re currently in a fight with her, there’s a huge chance that you’re currently possessed too by your emotions. Strong emotions always disrupt rational thinking.

Tip: Don’t make decisions every time feelings overtake you.

2. She needs extra affection.

-there are circumstances where she’ll be nagging you for no reason. The truth is, you’re just thinking that there’s no reason but there’s really reason. Women tend not to speak all the time and that’s really hard. If you can’t really think about what you’ve done wrong, there’s a big chance that she just needs extra affection.

Tip: Bring out your game and give her what she wants. Trust me, she won’t nag unless you’re not giving her what she needs.

3. it’s a period.

-it’s the most valid reason of all. Menstrual cycle is the hell phase and challenge for men. The pain that they’re experiencing in a period is the sole thing we’ll not really understand.

Tip: If you know it’s happening (memorize her cycle), just let her handle it by herself. It’ll be fine as time goes by.

4. She’s not honest/she’s not saying anything.

-there’s this time where you’re giving her the proper treatment, she doesn’t have a period, you’re both happy and you know yourself that nothing would go wrong because everything’s so right. Then suddenly, a fight ensues (worse: she suddenly stop talking/seeing you, worst: she breaks with you). What the hell?

It’s either she’s not honest or she’s not telling you all that’s bothering her.

Tip: Ask. Trying is not failing. If she doesn’t answer, she’ll say it by herself or you’ll go figuring the pieces out.

5. Men are logical, women are emotional.

-This is life: a woman has more heart than men. Notice how each gender solve problems? Men think of a way to solve the problem itself while women think of a way to relieve themselves. Both are selfish in a way that men never thought that they need to empathize too with the hardship of women while women always think about their feelings not the whole thing itself. It’s the greatest flaw of relationships.

Tip: Try to empathize with her. Sometimes it’s better to listen and to join her in her problem.

I hope this would help you out somehow. Also remember that an open-mind is the best way to understand.

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