Guy's Guide: How to Make a Girl Beautiful

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The truth, guys? You don’t have to rely on make-up or trendy clothes to make her beautiful. Here are the ways you can make the living superstar out of her.

1. Flatter

ex. If the sun’s gone, your smile is the only thing left to brighten up my day.

-nothing else could spice up a girl’s day other than your sweet words as a seasoning in her day. Just remember these things:

a. Be creative (no lame flatters/pick-up lines, puh-lease). Humorous is good and romantic is fine but why not both? It’ll be a critical hit to her womanhood.

b. Right timing; it’s best to say it when you two are alone and it takes courage to do it with a company (other people’s reaction greatly affects the situation. There might be a downer or a spoiler).

c. Don’t overdo it. Too much is bad and it’ll lose its price. A spur of the moment is always good at the right moment and person.

2. Motivate, Dominate

ex. You’re better than any of them, hell, because you’re goddamned unique.

-every time she’s down and falling, catch her with your presence and capture her with your words. She’s weakest at those times, in any sense possible. It’s always the right time as long as you’ll use the right words.

Just don’t insert other intentions other than motivations. You don’t want to look like an opportunist here (but deep inside, yes you are).

3. Appreciationist

ex. I miss you.

-appreciation is best said, but remember that there’ll be a sense of hinting when you do this (she might think you have ‘feelings’ for her thus the doubts and you’ll be intention-prone ). Anyhow, any appreciated person is a beautified person.

4. The Old Gentleman’s Way

-Ladies first? Offer her your seat? Open the door for her? Help her get down? In these times, the old gentleman’s way is slowly forgotten. Treat her like a princess (no, treat every woman like that) and I’m sure even without the use of words, you’ll be able to make any girl beautiful just by courteous actions.

This has been said many times, but I’ll say it again: inner beauty is the most beautiful of all. So start with it and pawn it. Good luck, comrades.

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