The Grand Plan

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We are part of the bigger things

We are small but we can be kings

Or queens of our lives or of the others

May it be with our sisters and brothers

Whatever we do we are always a part

The unavoidable way and life's art

Even though we are specks of dust in this universe

We belong in this life's eternal verse

What is the grand plan, who is the great schemer?

What is the reason, is there really a winner?

For the purpose of all, we believe

Every deed there is a result we must live

Like a pluck on a puppet's string

The puppeteer needs to bring

Not just happiness or sadness

There is no gray in life, nonetheless

Life's work is a masterpiece

Every joy, tragedy and its little piece

Its not the size nor the length of things

Because even the smallest is the grandest of all things

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